Unlim Rebuys for Dummies

While searching for another post, I decided to write this fresh. There are 3 MTTs that have Unlim Rebuys for the 1st 30 minutes, 1 of them includes bounties. Personally I enjoy these very much for the simple fact I can have some cheap thrills, so ReplayPoker… please don’t eliminate or chg the format of these 3 MTTs.

Of the 3, the most ruthlessly bingo’d of them all is Bankroll Builder 500 B&R ( bounties/rebuys ). In a tournament like this, you have to expect for others to bingo hands if they are " at or below the rebuy chip amount ". ( if a double rebuy is 3k chips, anything … at that or below is what I mean ).

You have 3 basic strategies ( but there are variations )
1: buyin+rebuy to start, then never rebuy and play tight till after break(rebuy period) + addon
2: buyin+rebuy to start, then semi-tight but assuming a couple rebuys before break, + addon
3: buyin+rebuy to start, then bingo every hand till you get say 5x that dbbl rebuy amt before break, + addon.

Unlim Rebuy MTTs are NOT, let me repeat NOT for ppl with very small bankrolls… or you will easily get piss’d off @ all the All-ins. You will find 2 kinds of “complainers”… either they complain about all the all ins, or they complain about the “timer wasters” trying to subvert all the All-ins…

Personally, complaining about the format “all ins & rebuys” is like playing Omaha and then complaining that its freak’n Omaha and it should play like Hold’em. I am asking all those players who hate the Bingo’s in these 3 MTTs, not to play, rather than just waste the timer and complain about all the all ins.

Lets take the Bankroll Builder 500 B&R :
@ break … blinds will be 200/400, so you need (min) about 12-15k in chips. Do whatever you need to to get that many chips by break including taking risky chances. Remember… before break, gameplay will not be poker… its more like Bingo-mania… so if you embrace that going in, then you will be more successfull.

If you are down in chips and still bingo’n hands right before break, be carefull of that last hand. Should you lose and rebuy on that very last hand, you only get 1 rebuy + addon ( 3500 chips )… If you double rebuy 1 hand sooner ( 3000 ) then take the addon @ break then you @least have 5000 chips.

A double rebuy is 720 fee, for 3k in chips… it is counterproductive to continually single rebuy for 1500 chips, because you can only “touch” others chips up to your chipstack… It really sux to rebuy 1500 then get AA… always do the double rebuy for 3k chips.

If you embrace the fun factor of these MTTs, and go with the flow… not only will you usually have better luck in finishing posistion, but you can let your hair down and just have some fun.

Also Remember this :
Take a player like me, I have 2-5m in bankroll … When I compete for the " monthly leaderboard low ", then you must understand that I’m always thinking “bigger picture”. Its all about tournament points, not profit necessarily… read that again, not about profit. I’m not going to spend 30 minutes playing, then not have a decent shot @ winning ( not wanting to hit break with a small chipstack ). I will pay alot of rebuys to accomplish this goal. So you have to watch out for these players more than just the bingo maniacs, because once they get a stack … they know how to use it.

Its like comparing apples to oranges, the player that only cares about that 1 MTT has different goals compared to the player that cares about thier top 50 MTTs.

( just for reference ) My last six BB 500 B&R, were 4 final tables, and 1 win. I collected T-pts in all 6 MTTs… So for all you out there that say I have no strategy, think again … it works “most” of the time. ( and even at my worst , I spend 8-12k in entry/rebuy costs and winning is still 25k )

As a rule of thumb ( real life ) I refuse to play any MTT that allows rebuys… and if I do decide to do so, usually there is a 3 max… therefore you MUST assume to spend all 3… if the buyin is 50$, expect to spend the full 200$… usually I would take the 1st rebuy instantly and double my stack, then know I had 1 dbbl rebuy waiting if I bust out.

I hope this post helps the noobs not only understand unlim rebuy MTTs but also understand what type of players that they can face out there on the tables and what xtra challanges there are in a Unlim Rebuy MTT.


Guess I forgot the bounties…

When you knock out a player ( bust-em-out ) you get 180 back into your bankroll, not your chipstack on the table… it varries with each MTT, but the 500 B&R… its 180… those can add up and pay for a few rebuys along the way too…

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Now that was a great tutorial for dummies on rebuys lol.

Thank you Sarah :slight_smile:

Well Craig, just tired of people say’n I have no strategy… :innocent:


Hahahahahaha, that was great Sarah. Sometimes no strategy is the best strategy :wink:

you are one of best players on here.

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What is a “player rep”?

Good Morning Galak. A Player Rep represents all of the players here with problems, questions, concerns, problem players, problems with the site, etc, etc.

If you need my service please reach out.


After more than a few arguments in the last couple days, Let me expand on my post.

To all those ppl who hate the all-ins, and decide to just waste the timer… Yes, I agree
you are within the rules to do so, just as I am within the rules to shove every hand… BUT, this seems no different than a player that doesn’t like Omaha… gee, they just don’t play freak’n Omaha !!! I don’t even care if you try to defend that play by saying, Its no different than ppl doing it to people on the bubble.

I’m going to lay out exactly why it is counterproductive, useless, and rude. ( wasting timer )

1: in any MTT, when 1 or more players at a table starts wasting the timer every play… what they are doing is hurting the whole table by the simple fact that thier table laggs behind other tables in chipstacks and thus once a player is rebalanced, they are at a disadvantage stack-wise. This occurs in all MTTs, not just unlim rebuy ones.

2: In a unlim rebuy MTT, what is described in #1 is even more pronounced. If just 1 table has all players having fun playing “smart bingo” in such a MTT, then thier table will have many players developing huge chipstacks. Once you hit break, you will be shortstacked. ( yes, some players even quote this as a reason to waste the timer, but all that does is hurt thier table … especially if they are successfull at limiting thier tables’s stacks )

3: It is rude to other players, who want to see as many hands as possible in those 1st 30 minutes. This is just as bad as those who complain for mgmt to change NL tables to a ML or PL. If you don’t like the format … don’t play in that MTT !! … its that simple, don’t ruin it for those do enjoy the format. You are being Rude… passivly-agressively …

Smart Bingo : in the 500 B&R for example… 2x rebuy is 3k chips … so everyone should treat this like 3k blinds, then actually not play bingo from there after the flop… Very very few players adopt this strategy, even tho it represents the best chance for huge chipstacks.

I originally wrote this post for everyone who might want a better experience in the Unlim rebuy MTTs, and give them a heads up … that this is a style of play many ppl use and enjoy. I really enjoy playing “not so serious” poker, especially when it won’t really hurt most players bankroll.

If you don’t like the format : PLEASE, just pick another MTT… don’t ruin it for us who do.


I won from Christmas to New Year a year ago, its was re-buy tourneys, I understood that first 30 minutes need go all in pre flop with any hand to get chips, ones I have enough to play poker, I just stop to play until break, and later break we play poker and I have chips to play it, so, I won all tourneys like this.

I guess I have no strategy either, There is no “Set” play, it all depends on the other players seated at the table. My strategy therefore changes with each table.

I remember playing that MMT with you recently, you played like a crazy car thief and pissed off some other players, lol!
I remember you saying it was your favorite MMT. I just stayed away from you and watched.(& learned) I think you won and I was second. Great strategy explanation! I did not like the rebuy MMT’s because I did not understand the strategy. Have to give it a try again

A crazy car strategy I have only on re-buy MTTs and on high stake you will she smart car :slight_smile:

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Well… I dont agree :slight_smile:
See, I partecipate often at these tournaments, and often get at least the last payed place :slight_smile:

And i have Always small bankroll! Usually, I use the second strategy that u said :slight_smile:

Played my first Bankroll Builder + Rebuys last night, it was an experience. Why are these called “Bankroll Bulders” when the winning player had over 500,000 chips but was only awarded 30,000 in prize chips?
100 players and approx 500,000 chips means an average 5000 chip outlay for players and you would have to have finished in the top 10 just to get your stake back. A game where your odds of just getting your stake back are 10/1 and to get six times your stake back are 100/1 looks like a poor odds to me.
Not complaining or having a whine, just looks to be the wrong type of tournament to build a bankroll.

Thank you, Sarah! This was a very inspirational read! I myself use the 2nd strategy you mentioned. The 1st is way too passive for me, and the 3rd is too risky. I like to take advantage of the fact that many many people will be rebuying constantly throughout the first 30 minutes, so the prizes will skyrocket. And if you can get away with only a few rebuys or less, you don’t have to get to the final table in order to earn your rebuys back.