Limit Rebuys

I liked playing the rebuy tournaments. You can get another chance if you are unlucky or do something stupid.

But some just abuse the rebuy.

ALL IN - LOSE - REBUY and repeat repeat repeat repeat - until they get lucky or we get to the break

It is really boring.
Also means that some lucky players can end up with a very large stack of chips

How about limiting the number of rebuys?
Or maybe reducing the rebuy amount each time?

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The Buy and Rebuy Tourneys are every bingo player’s heaven. Why do you want to take this away from them? lol


There are 2 kinds of rebuys… max 3 rebuys, and unlim rebuys for 30 minutes… if you don’t feel like playing Bingo for 30 minutes, stay away from the unlim rebuy MTTs then…