MTT Allins

Hey guys, i just played my first MTT on this website, it was Bankroll Builder B&R with 500 buy in, i wonder why all table just sitting and putting ALLIN??! With any hands, just Allin, almost everyone. Thats kinda weird!


Well it’s a rebuy tournament, and a cheap one, so you’ll find many players pushing with anything until they win a big pot. It can be a fun experience for MTT players who normally play tighter poker to just splash chips around for a while at little cost. Having said that, in many MTTs there will always be players willing to shove with anything, but it’s especially true of those BB rebuy tourneys.


Hi @ept20, an interesting question and it just so happens that our resident expert, @Sassy_Sarah, wrote a post just for you before you even knew you had the question :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


There are numerous reasons for that but the number one reason is, most often, that players are in a “Build Your Bankroll” tournament for exactly what the name implies. Not that you won’t run into a few strong players here and there but most players are new or are just trying to “build their bankrolls” without having to buy chips. Don’t be discouraged by the apparent lunacy. Send me a friend request and I will help you. I’m very much interested in the ‘politics’ of your area/country etc. I’m a student of history (REAL history) and am a chessplayer of sorts. I never count chessplayers in my very short list of real heroes of mine in this life and am not a hero/celebrity worshipper as I was around both in my years of working in Vegas. I make an exception for the moment that I stood shoulder to shoulder with Boris Spassky at the American Open in Long Beach, California circa1991-1992 as we were both patiently waiting to look at the bookseller’s wares. As always, he was a gentleman. As I say, I am not one to be impressed by celebrity. My memories of that moment leave me with goose bumps. Like a little child. I laugh at myself even.

Anyway, I have a background in this game that might surprise you. In any case, just keep checking back at this forum as I might answer your question more in-depth and save my fellow RP mates a bit of typing. I’m not playing now as I am ill and I really, really, really cannot abide these new tables. That being said, my experience at RP has made me a better player. By the way, the only two words that I recall from my first (foreign) language class is ‘eta kniga’. Stick around if you really like the game. Cheers!