Is this site rigged?

i really do believe this site is fixed cuz it will sit me out or time me out when i got winning hand but lets me play and bet when i got losing hand so u tell me wtf the problem is i was playing kickstarter #149108 review it and u tell me if im right or wrong only seems to do it when im doin well


" IS RIGGED " is abuse. Some may sue you for this behaviour…

People tend to remember bad things then good. Besides, if something wrong/bad for you, for your opponents will be good. I just cant see how this would encourage RP to rigging your game…

Nonsense. Try explain to me, how RP would benefit of rigging the game. Try, please, I beg you. Try to relax and play nice

Just my two cent

As a mod, I think I should ban you from support.

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of course a natural reaction to a problem several several people have reported but go ahead just shrug it off as nonsense. ban him from support for speaking his mind but it is ok for u to do repeatedly? for years?

With all with all due respect, he won’t and shouldn’t be sued for using his right to free speech. If that was the case, Replay could be sued. I had an issue with free speech and my rights being infringed on this site. A moderator went in and changed my “about me” and when I reported it, I felt he was head-hunting for me…find anything to get me in trouble…he searched and exploited some things that weren’t relevant. I used the word “fluck” and he accused me of swearing. I am now permanently banned from chat. I’ve sent this issue to the replay support team ,but I get no response. I am not trying to cause any trouble or anything, I just firmly believe in standing up for myself. I love this site, and I just want to be treated equally. Thank You all and peace be with you all


If support user “Persistent abusive behavior” Im afraid, no other choice.

He already open 8 thread about hes “problems” .

Speak up your mind, tell why you think the rigged.

You “donna69” please tell me who banned for these for years?

I think you mistaken for other sites, as on the internet, users who abuse the site, get banned first thing, (let alone 8)

Thets a fact. Im very suprised RP leave this alone.

Again Try explain to me, how RP would benefit of rigging the game.

Try, please, I beg you.

Obviously, noone ban anyone speak up your mind, please answear the questions.

im just saying how u threaten to ban. rp does not benefit from riggin but that does not mean its not. its in the mathmatical random number generator. have the gaming commission check the site again and see if it is truly still fair and random. jeff is not the first to report this problem and u know it

I dont think you have anything against RP to sue. This site have much more free speech then any other.

I did try help you, your friends, your family , your naighbours comming here in this thread its just not helping. All your email passed to the moderator team, the staff wont interfear with moderation. Yes, you did stend up for yourself. done. Approx 30 people , and yet, noone stand up for you and agree with you.

I did tell you how to solve your “problem”. Obviously you dont do thet. What else you want?

If there is a problem with your server (for whatever reason) why do you think it’s replays responsibility. I agree with marcipan why do you think replay cares who wins play. They just want people to play. If there are no players there is no site. That would be kind of stupid on replays part. People get real it is a computer game. Have fun.

Im not threaten, its my opinion, as lots say, free speech…

Threaten something like " I will ban " instead, I write, “should” And I think if he will keep open threads about this, “Persistent abusive behavior” it is in place…

Please dont read something else, what written. Not too nice of you.

I made a mark, my two cent.

Yeah, and all these “reports” left on here. Well, I see if 6 play at the room, one win, 5 lost, 5 come here shouting “rigged” I think check the site cost money.

Its funny inaf, this is the only and one playchips site who did the check, others is real money sites.

Still no answear for Speak up your mind, tell why you think the rigged.

You “donna69” please tell me who banned for these for years?

I add one more now.

Do you think if one constantly open thread and abuse the site without any valid ground, should be left alone for years?

No disrespect madam Marcipan, but there was an issue where a moderator went on my profile and changed my “about me” section. There were no swear words or anything. I reported the issue to people who ‘took care of it’…and wouldn’t you know, I was soon banned by the moderator I reported. I am not trying to start anything at all. I am simply stating facts. I love poker. I love Replay. I just want some assistance with the matter.

It has totally no sense to complain about your moderation in community support. Other members have no overview about your moderation and violations. You ask their sympathy and they not know what was going on. Only your view they read. The PeplayPoker team will not discuss moderation issues here.

You sent your complaint (request) to the staff already. You will get a reply when they have a answer for you.

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