Is this Real?

For at least 3 months I can’t catch a hand or a flop. When I do I invariably get taken out with a bad beat. How long is this going to go on? Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!


Hey ancientgit, welcome to the most…
annoying …
game ever invented. (p.s. I left the spaces for your favourite swear words and I do hope your computer can fly as all of us have been tempted to launch ours across the garden after a particular bad beat) lol.
I’ll send a friend request to ya


Coming 3rd in a 5k SnG isn’t doing too bad! I’m guessing you hit something along the way lol :slight_smile:

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Thanks. You describe the game pretty damned well. ;o)

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That’s cause I play tight… I fold so many hands and other players get knoocked out. Maybe this will be my new strategy till i get out of this crazeeee slump


Welcome to the BS that goes on here! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I fold too–over and over. But I’ve heard that’s the best way to win. Only lately I’ve been taking more chances, instead of assuming automatically that the river won’t go my way. Good luck and have fun, and thanks for your post.


hello ,apparently you dont pay attention to the cards.when you stay in hands over and over and get no help,but fold your cardsget alot of help or a pat hand.this is common occurrence .i dout that its coincidence

heh its still entertainment ,so thanks for being available .

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It’s absolutely true that lots of folding is rewarded in poker. Welcome to the Forum rwreamer. Enjoy!

Hi,check it out.Google is replay poker a honest and fair site.

@rwreamer, a search reveals that there’s a few whiners and moaners who state, without any evidence at all, that this site is rigged. There’s a couple of links to sites who are strongly pushing “join a real money site” who claim that RP and Stars are both rigged. No idea why they would be making statements like that - it couldn’t possibly be that they get kickbacks could it?

On the other hand, there’s a very positive review of this site by Upswing Poker and Pokerbank addresses the broad question “Is online poker rigged?” … … the answer is “No”.

What you will find, however, is a very strong bias towards those players who put time in to learning how to play. For some reason that completely escapes me, the better players seem to have more “luck” and accumulate chips more quickly than people who just turn up and play and try to learn by osmosis.

You may want to read the thread “The fairness debate”. This silly issue of rigging has been addressed there for what seems to have been forever!



Please explain how you have come to this opinion about me. Your statement makes no sense.

Hello,I am sorry if I gave you that idea.No doubt I get carried away at times.I don’t consider myself as a fool but who knows.Maybe you don’t get the same play I do.The hands I get and play I have no doubt are contrived.I get a few hands that go my way,so not all bad .I wish I could find some players in my area, to have a live game.Have a good one.