This is a toxic site

A-A against Q-Q. Of course the Q’s tripped up. OK. That I can accept. However, two hands later, again with A-A all-in, a new player calls with 3-4 off suit. The board comes up 3-3-2-3-2. Obviously a bot to get rid of my chips since I’ve had a change of heart about how fair the site truly is to those who won’t buy chips. Time to lose the rest and find a site that is truly random.

Sorry to hear that you are leaving. But as far as online poker goes I have never seen a better site. And from personal experience I can guarantee that buying chips has nothing to do with winning or losing hear, I continually lose on both fronts.

the second hand is just so sick

he calls a 26,000 all in

with 3-4 not one card on the table is higher than a 3

enough already

I so agree with you hatchetface , Happens to me all the time. This game isn’t fair and I don’t see how it is fun when the same old ppl win hand after hand with slop hands to boot…