Right Royal Farce

I have just witnessed the worst game ever ! A bully ruined the whole game for every player involved, this despite all player expressing their disgust in the chat window.

Bullies should be banned, is this a bingo or poker site ???

RP have to know the couse to act. Did you, or did you not sent the played hand to RP?

If not, this is not the place seek help, if you did, this is not the place to seek help.

Here is a profile page of one player , there is a place, and ofc the mods.


do you know the difference between bingo and poker @Pirate008? Replay has already done their due diligence in accommodating whiners such as your self. They have set up ML Hold’em for you passive limp callers to have all the fun your heart desires. Limit hold’em has always been an option for you as well. The problem on the “NO LIMIT” tables is you and your friends bullying other players for playing within the rules which is their right to do. Shut up and play!