There s no way anyone can say these games aren’t rigged. You’re not going to tell me the same ppl can win the tourneys everytime… no matter what hand ppl play the same winners are win. Replay is rigged ! Im about done with these cheating tourneys !

You are very late to the party.

Just play and try to have fun.

You already know at some point you’ll be the chosen one to win, just have to wait your turn.

yea but when the same ole ppl keep winning no matter what theres no chance in winning. I been playing tourneys for 2 years and still got my 1st to win a big tourney. All I ever win is a ticket tourney and play ticket tourneys and they win it back. No Chance in Winning !

I’ve won quite a few big tourneys and i’m still not happy. I get rivered a lot (like the tourney i did today) and i go for the river card myself. I actually think the tourneys are fairer then the big games on the Ring game boards. I got hammered by the same person over and over (big stakes player at 20,000 to 40,000 blind table). It was kinda like he knew which card would come on the river. The tourneys are fairer. Try playing hands like Jack/ eight and queen/ seven. I have very good luck with those hands and maybe you could to. I was busted out today by six/two and i had ace/king. Who knows?