Out before the start?

Replay hand 92004689 and explain to me how one gets busted out of a tournament and never plays a hand! I have complained before and feel you have marked me in your system, well here is proof that your program is not random! What a farce!!!

Hello, CaptBarry,

I’m sorry about that, it seems that we have a bug that occurs under heavy load and corrupts a very few seats. I have refunded your buy-in and I sincerely apologize.

Thanks for reporting, we are working on the fix.

Ha, this is a first. RP admits their game is rigged. What happened is this. There was a designated winner for that game. You (CaptBarry) probably had a winning hand or were sitting in the wrong seat. While the RP folks were attempting to rerig the game you accidentally got kicked out. The same thing happened to me and I got folded out of EVERY winnig hand until they reset the system. No offer to refund me. This is a first on two counts.