Bingo (all in pre-flop) bettors must show cards if nobody else plays

I have lobbied for pre-flop (all in) bettors to show cards if nobody else calls bet. R/P staff told me it was “unrealistic to the game”, how is it realistic to go all in, every hand?? On the other side of this coin, if someone else does call, don’t they have the right to not show at end??

Why does everyone hate ‘bingo’ players? I don’t get it. They’re +ev hugely.

I agree that something should be done as it ruins the play for everyone else especially when its every hand, every table with some players.

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Whilst there’s no rule in poker that prohibits this type of play, I understand the frustration that it causes players who enjoy playing a ‘good’ hand of poker. Promoting competitive play is one of the cornerstones of Replay and it’s for this reason that we’re looking more so, than ever, at the problem of bingo play and what we can do to reduce the frequency at the tables, if not eliminate it altogether. The difficulty is to restrict bingo play, but not restrict a player that wants to go occasionally all in pre-flop, as a tactic of play.

One of the ideas we’ve recently had, is the concept of a BING-O-METER (or bing-ometer?) for every player. We’d look at what % of hands you’ve gone all-in pre-flop over a recent time period and if you go over a certain %, then we could restrict your play to special ‘bingo’ tables, where bingo players could go all-in pre-flop to their hearts content. The restriction would be in place for, say, 24 hours after which you’d be allowed to play on the regular tables again; but again subject to keeping your bing-o-meter below the threshold to get restricted again.

If you like this idea, or have any other ideas about how to discourage bingo play, then we’d love to hear it. So share your thoughts on this topic…


ill put a vote for the bingo meter sounds like a good idea…good thinking…hd101

Could non-bingo players play on bingo tables?

I don’t see why not.

Is going all-in and calling an all-in (and being all-in) the same?
Also counts for tournaments?
When you are heads-up in a tournament (many all-ins often) and you are over your limit you can not go all-in any more?

I wonder if changing the no-limit games in limit poker games (think 95% or more of the played games is no-limit) would stop the bingo play, not only players who go all-in pre-flop are called bingo players, also players who places big bets pre-flop or after flop. Must that be restricted also?

Also, would poker be exciting when everyone has the same play style?
No all-ins, no high bets, only play good hands, no surprises, no bluff?
Think that would be very boring. In no time we get request for a limit on the number of folding in a row.

And showing cards after all-in pre-flop? I not want that, players can pay for it, they can call my bet if they want to see my hand. If not, it is my decision to show or not, some players call because they want to see my hand, if they see them always they will not call any more. Also players not have to be an open book for other players. Bluffing is a part of the game also.

I’m not happy with everyones play style, but if i must play with players having all the same play style it will be a very boring game, it wouldn’t be poker any more.

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love the idea of the bingo meter

Its Poker !!! Anyone remember Gus Hansen shoving pre-flop nine times in a row, with nada, zip and pip , nuffin , zilch , zero . From many perspectives this may be seen as “BINGO” play , but to true poker players if the end justifies the means , then go for it. I really hate this nosense circling “BINGO” players . If you were in the final nine at the WSOP and a player continued to shove pre-flop would you be running , crying to the tournament director “oh this isn’t fair he/she keeps shoving all the time please tell him to stop”. I believe that tournament director would laugh harder than a stoned student looking at Anchorman for the first time.
Lets call a spade a spade here people , if you cant come up with a strategy to beat the agonizingly “WEAK”, “BINGO” players then maybe you need to ask yourself the question , how good is my game?
Stay Sweet , Be Shady :sunglasses:


I dont get the problem, i love bingo players as i can sit back and when i get a hand i get all their chips. If you dont like “bingo players” then why not have more pot limit tables where if you dont like them you can play there. They usually dont last more than a few hands so the treat is minimal in my eyes. This bingo meter will solve nothing as they usually come in and do it so when you stop one another will take their place but i do love the bingo tables as it will give me more chance to sit back and when i get pocket aces or a good hand, take alot of chips. Just my opinion and we all have em.


I believe that going all in is a tool that protects your hand. Example: you have pocket Aces, anyone with anything can get lucky and catch a flop that gives them a host of hands that will beat your aces. the only way to prevent them from seeing the flop is to price it so high that it is not practical for them to bet on their crummy cards that they really should not have wanted to play anyway. Sounds like to me alot of people just want for everyone to bet the min. and lets see who gets lucky on the river. If we are going to change the rules of the game to suit us to what each person wants lets take out bluffing as well and rename the game…

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Couldn’t agree more with DaleRay.
it’s a tactic that is learned, you have to over come the fear of somebody calling you. But, there in lies the fun, the rush of winning a nice hand with bold tactics!

Well said … No Limit poker is just that… NO LIMIT… Have fun call that bluff… or not… lol… I do not agree with an all in meter… all in tables not gonna work… Limit Tables, maybe… said my peace… gle1

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I think there’s a clear difference between going all-in occasionally, say, when you’ve got pocket Aces or a well timed bluff, to sitting down at a table and going all-in, hand after hand, before the flop, regardless of your cards.

The first is a valid tactic in poker and something we definitely don’t want to mess with.

The latter however goes against the spirit of the games, and ruins the enjoyment for everyone else at the table. This is a bigger issue for free-to-play sites like Replay, than real money sites, and so I think it’s fair for us to try and innovate in how we deal with it.

why couldn’t the house drag be used with an all in bet even if it wasn’t called?

I have been playing on replay for over a year now and I can say I do not remember ever playing with a bingo player who went all in every hand. Because of this, I believe that it is not a big problem on replay. Although maybe the reason I can’t remember seeing any bingo players is because I play almost exclusively in tournaments and never in the low stakes cash games where I guess there would be the most bingo all-in all the time players.

I agree with Speed but I also feel there is a way of dealing with the all in bingo player. As soon as a new player sits down at the table, I check their stats. High rank and low chips in bank are the typical stats of a bingo player or they’re new and just learning the game. If you look at how many chips the typical bingo player has it’s usually very low. They know they can bingo all their chips and then reload when they zero out and go back to their typical style of bingo. Rather than allowing them to reload right away with 2,500 new chips, make them wait or apply a time penalty to them before they can reload with the free chips. Maybe, allow them to bingo 10 to 20 percent of the time with out penalty and as their bingo percentage goes up so does their time penalty. If they don’t want to wait out the penalty they could be allowed to just buy their chips and avoid the time penalty all together. I don’t want to stop bingo player’s from playing because they’er easy pickings and I love grabbing their chips (some times I get burned but that’s poker). I’ve also seen great tables break up over a persistent bingo player or two and that’s not good either.


I would vote for the bingo meter. Something has to be done. Good idea :slight_smile:

I see no problem with it. If players really feel that someone is playing “bingo”, then they would easily and happily call them because they have nothing. But no, instead they cry every time someone goes all in pre-flop or any other time because they have no balls to call the bluff. The bingo meter is a bad idea. That will lead replay into a bad direction of restrictions and rules. Leave replay poker free, fun, and competitive, and leave the cry babies in their cribs!!