Over-Bet, Miss-use levels ect ( this not about "bingo" players)

One ongoing problem for lots of players the all inners and very high bets on low stakes.
I think lots of players frustrated and dissapointed when ( say example):
Amazonian Forest table
25/50 Blind
XY player know and play by the “book” and try proteckt or steal the blind, raise or double the pot , ocasionally all in.
But, there is most of the time when player XX raise preflop all the time, say double or 4 time the blind. This player I never undersand why they not go to medium table or higher stake. Well… I have some idea why, may they dont understand the game, bored, or just want bully others, not enaugh chips, destroy the table… sooner or later other players leave… especially on low stake, where players should learn the game or relax, work up to medium level…

Here is an idea.
On low stake only, should be a indicater at the point when player make a bet, showing on that particular table (1 variable) on the blind level (2 variable) chips in the pot (3 variable)
light green = value bet ,
green = av bet,
Yellow = srtong bet
orange = slighly over bet
light red = over bet
Dark red = all in
(even the bet number colour can be changed when atempt made for bet)

This is for you (yourself) eyes only, so new or beginers can have some idea what they bet on that particular table…
This may reduce the low stake tables players acting as high stake players.

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i’m sorry but i don’t quite understand what you’re saying here:

If you get mad that people go all in too much, you shouldn’t be playing the game. Someone that goes all in every hand is the EASIEST fish to get money from.

No, not for me, (also not mad about them as I adopt for they game) as stated “for new players”.
I was moderator nearly 5 years on RP, if you dont understand, they do. Trust me on that.I’m very big fond of RP , unfortunatelly cant afford work on it 4-5 hours as before for free. Even if my ideas out-off the box (as Paul use to say) could be ruled out or advence/upgrade. Becouse my past experiance on RP, I can see things from players/moderators/staff members/ business side of it.
This particular idea actually wont effect players like Yourself and would not make negative inpact.

I think it would be a good idea to provide player statistics like real-money sites do that show things like VPIP (the percentage of pots a player chooses to play voluntarily) and PFR (the percentage of pots that a player raises). I believe someone on the staff said that they will add those stats at some point. This would help new players in the way you suggested.

These bingo players can’t win for long. New players may not know what to do, but all they have to do is wait til they have a good hand and then call or 3-bet against the bingo player.

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This idea not for bingo players or against them…
RP will do a stats you mentioned.

OK. Related to bingo players.::
Taking advantage of some time off this week, I decided to take a stab at the monthly low stakes leaderboard.
Did very well. Then, ::disappointed:, In my quest for greatness, I find myself trying to maintain my position by competing with players that go All In every hand, over bet , yadda yadda ya,.
It’s no secret that some people will do anything to win,…
I’ve been called names resembling those f grade school bullies and even had a friend request just t keep track f when I was playing.
1 player posted a note I was a punk. blah blah blah.
To that end, I think one could calculate the percentages, stake levels and add all the profile information allowed by the Freedom of Information Act (July 5, 1967) and the conclusion will remain.

The player awarded the greatest amount of tournament points has devoted themselves to nothing more in life than chip bullying and wasting the time of those who would like to enjoy the game n a truly wonderful site.
For the effort??
Let’s award them 350.000 chips

Wrong thread… @Cheetahboy . Its called “off topic” or “highjack” the thread. Not nice.

You can report these players. Just copy the hand number and paste in they profile after click on the “report player”.
Other option is send it to a moderator, they sort it out asap.

Dont be sad. Adopt to the others game, change your stile. Practice more. At least is free

Oh God! Freedom of Information Act? Now that is a punk move!

I find the pre-flop all-in “problem” is significant at Royal Poker. There is not much difference between starting hands, so the all-in merchant is just making everybody play for stakes they didn’t bargain for, which is no fun, and playing bingo basically. I think that is a flaw in the rules of Royal Poker.

How about you change the rules for Royal- make it a limit game, or a pot limit game, or limit pre-flop, pot limit once the flop is dealt.

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royal poker is inherently flawed anyways, it was made with the sole purpose of attracting fishes (bad players) so they’d spend more money on the site, increasing rake. A fish that doesn’t know what he’s doing has a better chance to win in royal poker than in hold em. Play royal for fun, if you’re going for chips you’re better off playing hold em or omaha. Fishes love winning with amazing hands (like full houses etc) which they get wayyyyy more often in royal compared to hold em (where you often win hands with “measly” pairs etc) Whoever came up with the idea of royal is a genius, as the rake you get from it is insane as a site.

I agree with that LeMow. Royal has a lot more variance because there is less of a difference in equity between all hands preflop (meaning JT, the worst starting hand, still has a decent chance to beat AA, the best starting hand).

I play royal for fun and then quit once I get annoyed with bingo players. It’s hard to beat those all-in every hand players (since it is always a bad decision to call them, even with AA), but it is pretty easy to do well in royal because so many players think that a straight or tens full of jacks is a good hand. If you can wait until you crush a particular board, it is easy to triple up.

These Players seem to eventually self-destruct! It is a waiting game with them…Someone at the table will finish them off and take all of the chips from them. Enough of this over time teaches them that the theory they use…just does not work. At times when we go up against them with the odds way in our favor…they do get our chips. This does happen and drives me crazy…but that is the game of Poker. Over time they learn and become better players.

This thread NOT about BINGO players.
Please do not “highjack” the thread. Not nice.
Thank You

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