Bingo (all in pre-flop) bettors must show cards if nobody else plays

I get pairs all the time but I don’t go all in everytime because I learned that you may not catch another card and some one may get something better so almost all the time I just bet the min. I don’t want to go all in because I enjoy playing

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typical bingo players have no or hardly any chips in their bank and rely heavily on the tit to get more free chips. Like a baby relying on mother’s tit for sustaining a supply of food, the bingo player relies on topping-up with an extra 2,500 free chips every time their stack is less than 500 chips. Time and time again I see bingo players sit at the table and go all in pre flop every hand, 5 minuets later, their bank is zeroed out and they’er back sucking up 2500 more free chips. I can see heads up all in at a final table, but at a table with 6 to 9 players your asking to be called by only the strong hands, percentages in the long run are not going to be in your favor. I see this all the time also, someone with high pocket pair or suited connectors goes all in pre flop and only gathers the table antes. If pocket aces are better than 50% to win why not maximize your chances of getting more chips by letting the hand play out? There is a time and place for all inn pre flop bingo if done once in a while, but all in every hand or so is just a giant TELL and you’ll loose in the long run. There aren’t as many tells in online poker, but going Bingo is one of the biggest.

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Since I only play tournaments, I don’t often come across this problem on this site. However, for example, a GOOD TACTIC in re-buy tours is to go all in either pre or post flop! It is restricted as a general rule to the first 30 mins of play, after that most only go all in as a matter of course when the situation demands it. I E. They have the best hand available given table cards so of some fool want to throw their chips away… or they have such bad cards and so few chips it is a be or bust case where they’ll either win or be prepared to go out of the tour. What I personally think we need here are a few tours with LIMITED RAISES, ie pot limit etc.
My thoughts for what they are worth!

Sounds like a bingo players response to me!

hm… sy… 12%

I would love to see more pot limit games, especially omaha, in tourney formats. Also should try some limit tourneys, I feel that people would enjoy them more if they don’t like the craziness of NL.

I am a fan of this idea as I don’t mind a person going all-in on occasion,however, it’s starts to get a little annoying when it’s every hand.

LEAVE IT ALONE!!! It’s poker and it’s no limit. When they go all in, you the player have the choice to call it or not. If you make a stupid bingo meter, well that isnt going to work anyway and for this reason : all i have to do to get around a bingo meter is to bet it all but a $1. Now i’ve debunked your meter and still gone almost all in. A bingo meter is just going to make players leave your site because of the stupid unrealistic rules. Do it if you want but I can tell you I will go play somewhere else and I’m sure I would not be the only one. I am by no means a bingo player but I do like calling them and doubling up when I can. Bottom line is your idea will not work so why mess with it. Good luck to all and see you on the river.

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Don’t do it!!! Read my reply for an explanation of why it won’t work.

I’ve got memories about a cash $$$ game,second hand of the night, sitting in the #5 seat, the number 3 player went all in, looked at pocket AA, thought at best a split at that point, went all in, he had J/3, and flop was (like)
J J 3 3 K = full house beats AA / JJ every time… proves that pre-flop, there is NO "good " hand worth going all in with,I would tend to go all in again with AA, but it loses a lot,


I do not like bingo stile. But part of the game. If some play that way, just adopt ( this is all player responsibility, please learn to fold and forget about it.) Also, go other room… or go limited games. These options, if you believe or not, its already implemented to reduce bingo players. lol
Complaining about it just utterly sad and ridiculous.
This idea of bingo meter should added to only some table, and should change the game name. RP could write a little bit of history if do it right.
Name suggestion
Could be called “B” version of no limit texas holdem.
ATB and good luck destroy no limit poker. (or yourself)

I like the idea of the bingo players table but I have to say that, for three reasons, I do not hate bingo players:

  1. I think it is up to me to adjust my game to all playing styles to become a good player. Therefore, playing against LAG’s, TAG’s, NITs etc is all acceptable and I have to adjust when I am in a hand with them. Why should this be any different for bingo players?
  2. When you pay your money and sit down at a poker table, you are pretty much free to do play however you want. That’s gotta be a plus point for poker that it is one of the very few things that allows you to mostly do whatever the hell you want.
  3. i think there is a bit of hypocrisy amongst players who complain about bingo players because we only complain about them when they suck out on us. If they go all in on the first hand of the tournament, you call them and win, you are the big stack on the table and now you get intimidate others. you are not complaining then especially as a quick double up can set you up for the whole tournament.

I kinda get why people dislike this style of play & I have gotten into a debate about this on another site but, for me, I am very happy to see them at m table. I just know that their stack will be gone soon and my job is to make sure that I am the one who gets it.

You spread too much secret info to others, they may learn the tricks, aka less chips for me. :sob:
But, Im happy for your long post, as Im sure these pp wont read it. :smirk:

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OOPS:( I will try to keep more poker secrets in the future

Lots of great feedback, both in favor and against changes. Keep it coming, as we’re reading every reply!

Also, don’t forget we’ve got mixed limit tables, which are pot limit before the flop, and no limit after it. If you want a way to guarantee no all-in pre-flops.

It may sound good to wait, as i have done. But i also recall losing 4 straight tourneys having the following pocket pairs: 2 w/K’s 1 w/A’s and 1 w/Q’s and get beat with the following: 2-5,3-8, 3-6 and 2-9 by the “bingo” players. Would the pro players take so many chances. I like the bingo meter idea.

I only play tourneys (almost). So … I have limited experience with the problem. They do show up in the tourneys but it’s relatively infrequent.

The current re-buy policy would seem to eliminate the “returning to mother’s teat” problem described by another reply.

My vote is … No meters, no restrictions … No-Limit is No-Limit.

If Mr. Bingo arrives, sit back, drink your coffee, smile in amusement, he’ll be gone soon … or you will get a great hand, call his bingo bet and then he, or you, will be gone and (for you at least) the problem will be solved.

Oops, almost forgot the original premise … Bingo (all in pre-flop) bettors must show cards if nobody else plays. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that was a joke, right?


Yeah you have to pay to see cards. That’s why people will ‘pay to keep you honest.’

its texas holdem not show poker

it is not always what the hand you have its how you play it. sick of people
whinging because they dont win with a ACE