The Bingo epidemic

I use to have a short list of players who push all-in pretty much every hand, but now its got out of hand. I guess with a lot of new players on the site, they see some older players with high ranks and figure that might be the best strategy. It was pretty common in the Royal tourneys, but has now spread to all games including Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo. I am talking going all-in preflop.

Not saying I don’t push all in ever, but its pretty rare for me. I know its not possible, but it would be nice to have a per game limit on all-ins.


I’ve also definitely noticed an increase in such silly nonsense. I get it, a Freeroll tournament is a freeroll tournament, but it doesn’t mean that they absolutely have to keep doing it. Not much we can do about it, but 90% of the time, those type of players get knocked out in the first few minutes of play. It just ruins the poker experience for the rest of us though who actually enjoy playing properly, not like a bingo numpty.


Hi @Howie_Long , It is very frustrating for all of us, but I consider it as a learning experience for those going all in every hand. We all were beginner’s at one time and have made some really bad decisions playing the games. I look at it for me as an opportunity to win some big pot’s & help those, through that learning experience. We need the new members to Grow the site and lets help them learn the games and methods for success!!


no one enjoys a player that goes all in all the time,that being said there is a place and time for the all in shove,
As for the increase in new players ??? attendence is waaaay down every day in the number of players seated.
GL at that tables folks!


Its always funny to me that people call a proper push fold strategy - bingo.

Bingo to me is when you limp with 20 blinds left and pray that your K7s hits a spade draw on the flop.


“All in “ is a part of Poker Strategy but doing it consistently is showing your lack of knowledge in how to play poker. There is always checkers to play ….


I have to agree with todd… I am a bet or fold type player… only call with low pocket pair or inn big blind… I play a lot of team poker… so don’t always play my good hands… my fold rate on statistics run 83%… and win is 12%… played one hundred seventy-five thousand hands on replay now… but i have won more hands by show than no show.

but I also fell suited connecters is a betting hand.


Exactly TeUnit, most of them complaining about bingo game, even if the stack sizes are 15-25BBs, do not realize it is the correct play and instead to learn from more experienced players using push or fold strategy, they prefer to complain all the day long about bingo players ruining the game and in fact they ruin the game mood at least for me. Today had such situation and I got them quite alot, I could say that everyday when I shoved 3 hands in a row at 6handed table: HJ, BTN, SB on stacksizes mine about 25BBs, rest slightly less, so I used stack advantage pressure against them what I was called names for…I will say one thing I know about this game that skill of betting is real art of poker, by checking and calling you get no information about hands of opponents, give free flops to blinds, by limping you give all theplayers perfect odds to join to the pot with speculative offsuited hands or even some suited trash especially on small blind or button. One thing I will consistently not agree ever is about bingo players because in my opinion agression frequency in the most of games here is toooo low and I see many open limpers who complain about bingo game when the bingo is for me more likely limp in the pot and give the big blind free flop with any 2cards against our strong holdings, thats real bingo for me, so to all players PLAY MORE AGRESSIVE IT IS GOOD PLAY REGARDS


i suggest all those complaining. try pot limit…if you choose to sit at a NO LIMIT table just fold and look for another


@TeUnit @StudentBluff3

I just mentioned this in another thread, the Bingo players which frustrates players are similar to the type of play in the Rebuy MTT’s with unlimited Rebuys for the first xx minutes.

If you would like to understand their frustrations, just play several of these Rebuys which are offered everyday on the Lobby page. These players must think it works in regular ring and MTT games.

Try several of them out and then let us know how you feel about Bingo players.

I have played hundred(s) of these tournaments and I know what you mean but I meet Howie in freeroll games where players dont go all in hand by hand and if these are 5 out of 100 players what is not much and it is playable and I said all what I wanted and have much and nothing to add,I have said the basis problem about misunderstanding by players simple tournament strategies of agressive betting and shoving, especially when many limpers in the pot the range of stacksize counted in blinds to shove has to be bigger to not give the rice pot odds price to call with speculative hands , I understand your point of view but tournaments with unlimited rebuys are made to play bingo for xx minutes, I am mostly tournament player and I know at lowest stakes of ring games may be some of bingo players butif one plays making EV+ decisions making calls to them with fairly tight range in longrun they should be happy to play against them. I mentioned that MANY here call bingoEVEN normal agressive game what is not polite. Sure, if someone goes into tournament and shoves every hand for over 100blinds it may be frustrating but I will rather patiently wait for top range hand what i call usually 77+, ATs+, KQs (randomize with fold cause any ace hi hand dominates slightly) and I feel okay with bingo players even if in my opinion there are only a few in tournaments with low buy in and/or freerolls, its playmoney site and at any other site there are bingo players, micro stakes cash games are also full of bingo players, so I do not see any other possibility to adjust strategy agaist them and not complain because we cannot change it. What really bothers me is calling bingo game the agressive players who eery his bet do for some reason, not mindless and I see many attacks as I was ever playing bingo game, that is not okay to me

I don’t think the players commenting in this thread were referring to an aggressive playing style. To me, it sounded like you or TeUnit haven’t played against very many or any Bingo players on here.

I just mentioned the Rebuy MTT’s as an example of what a Bingo playing style looks like.

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Why is it a problem that your opponents have a suboptimal betting strategy? If “bingo” is a good strategy, emulate it; if you think it’s a bad strategy, figure out how to exploit it. Oh, and practice good bankroll management, so it doesn’t eat you up when you have a string of bad luck despite making good decisions.


Very well said. The Goal should always be to increase your Bankroll, play your own game and never let your emotion’s affect your poker game decisions in my opinion. And Always have fun !! GL at the tables everyone!


Use your “ All ins “ strategies sparingly. Players make special notes of that then you’ll hardly get any callers or chips.


Well said. I figured out how to exploit these “All-In Cowboys” in my first month playing at Replay. If someone is shoving repeatedly, I wait for a good hand and call. To me it’s not a problem, but an opportunity. They are confronted with reverse pot odds, because they risk their whole stack for peanuts. If no one has a good hand, no one will call. But if someone has a good hand, they lose their whole stack.


I agree, I see it all the time in the daily Freerolls. Same usual names drop down to 0 within the first couple of minutes of the tournaments. It’s too predictable.


Well said! No one should ever ALL IN BEFORE the flop! Even AA’s can go flat on the flop! You need to see the flop to judge the quality of your hand! I won’t all in on the flop, but I will raise to see how the other players respond! I will only ALL IN in the river and then only if I have a great hand [i.e flush where I have the suited Ace or King]! Yes,there should be tables that limit all-ins as well as games where you can’t enter the game with more than the stake limit! Honestly, it’s not fair to bring 5,000 chips to a 1/2 table! Show some respect to your fellow players!


We have fixed limit and pot limit games.