Tales from the bingo table


So I was at this table with a bingo player. tennis. He would open shove like 80% of hands pre. And he wasn’t this one off shover. Judging by stack sizes I’d say he had gambled away more than 50 buyins. Now the effect of this was that everyone really opened up their ranges. You would think they would only open up against him but you would be wrong. Everyone opened up against everyone. The hand in question was played with exploiting this in mind.

I left the table shortly after as my stack hand grown to more than 1/4 of my bankroll and I started feeling scared. Felt like a shame to leave this ridiculously soft table though. Please rate that decision too. Maybe I should have just started tightening up to reduce variance instead? Like literally fold everything except AA and maybe KK. Or maybe try to play only with tennis?

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