All in means idiot bluffing most of the time but why bother!

delete the accounts of all the idiots who go all- in on every hand and inevitably are revealed to have nothing, but in the mean time they take the game out of every stinking hand. The chips are free so whats wrong with just knocking them off the table. What a waste of time when you get moved to a table after working your way to a nice pile of chips only to sit down with some asshat who has no reason to live but to spoil someone else’s fun.

I know how frustrating that is. Going all-in all the time (aka bingo play ) is a challenge for all play money sites especially at the low stake tables and tournaments. We’ve implemented a couple of measures recently, originally suggested by players, to help combat it, for example:

  • We now offer on some tables and tournaments mixed limit hold’em (pot limit before the flop, no-limit after the flop) - We’ve reduced the free top-up amounts to constrain the supply of free chips

But you’ll always get some players that don’t play within the spirit of the game and ruin it for everyone else. If you have any suggestions you think we could implement and explain exactly how it should, we always appreciate feedback.

I was at a $25 buy in tournament at the Hard Rock in Biloxi Ms. 7/7 mon. and believe it not there were people doing the same thing all in over and over, but they only lasted about 5 or 6 hands, sometimes you just have to wait them out.