All-In Maniacs

So in Multi-Table Tournaments, usually in Freerolls, I act like a possessed demon, shoving my stack every hand, from Hand #1. Upon my tablemates finding out, they usually team up against me (Kinda like Kassouf in the 2016 WSOP Main Event), with childish name-calling, and claims of reporting me. Is it illegal, or am I within my rights? How do you feel about it?

P.S. - Farthest I ever got with this was 9th in a 100k Freeroll

It’s not at all against the rules. Just mute the chat and keep on shoving.


Your strategy is fine. It is a good experiment in statistics to see how random hands perform against a table full of opponents. It takes a lot of the strategy out of the game, but it is certainly not illegal.

Statistically speaking, you will not be very successful. That is a fact, not an opinion. The looser your opponents play against your strategy, the better you will do. If they are calling you with AK or QJ or 55 or worse, then you probably have ~35%+ chance to win each time, which is not bad, but if they fold bad hands and only call with pocket pairs JJ or higher, you will likely have less than 30% to win, and you will generally lose within the first 3-4 hands that get called.

You will probably have a better chance if you bet about 1/4 of your chips, then go allin on the flop.

I used to do this sometimes in small buyin real money tournies, and had some success with it. Once I doubled or tripled up, I would switch to tight mode and basically coast to the cash.

I would rather bust early than fall just short of the money, so this was fairly effective.

Bottom line… NoLimit = NoLimit, and if they continue giving u grief… may I suggest wasting 95% of your timer before you shove…

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nope pretty hard to cheat here…easy to annoy though, lol, works for awhile …but usually catches up to ya, ive tried it myself for a week,didnt work out well for me. lol

Be demonic and possess all that you can grab . Only rule I know of in the game… there is NO crying in poker.

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There’s a difference between being a “bingo player” and being a jerk. It’s fine to shove every hand, I don’t mind. It used to irritate me but I got over it. What you suggest, although legal, will only reduce the amount of fun at the table. I really don’t think your advice has any merit whatsoever. NONE!

Good tagline for Replay poker would be: “Do you have no idea what you’re doing but would like to be rewarded for bad play anyway? Then Replay is the poker site for you!”
Granted I’m still bit raw given I’ve just lost big but honestly shocked by the standard at the table I’ve just left and how hugely one player in particular is being rewarded. Calling all ins with 2 3 off and hitting full house. 4 9 off, full house. It’s hard to stay patient but I know you have to. Guy has no idea and usually they can’t maintain playing as he is but it’s not happening. He’s hit everything. Hot seats?

Would love to reply to you … but last time I gave my opinion on the subject , I got banned from talking on the forum. So now I can only say good things about all topics discussed … sorry.

This site does not deal random cards

Perhaps they deal cards that you don’t know how to play? Poker is a game of skill and a lesser game of relying on luck. Backgammon was outlawed in England as “gambling” until it was put to the test. The persons skilled at the game consistently won. It is now considered a game of skill. Please develop your skills before complaining about a rigged system! Thank you and God Bless!

(BTW, I’ve gotten many free beers over a backgammon table and have never had to buy one!)

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These guys are all Putin’s trolls, trust me.

I can’t speak for the others, but I am most definitely somebody’s troll.

I do not use this site to see how many chips I can get as many of the all-in players do.
I love playing cash games and I use this site to better my play for these types of games.
I play as if the chips are my hard earned cash and I do not go all-in without a winning hand.
Most players on this site do not know what it takes to fold pocket As or Ks.
If you take all there winnings totaled up it will not get a cup of coffee.
Just My thoughts>

You cant play poker, real poker, at Replay poker because the deal runs patterns and picks winners. Search hand 245605772, That is Replay poker at its best.

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I’m the best ever. remember that you hear me.

New guy question but is this true? I used to play on my linux machine, PokerTH, and it was the only place I ever found without bots or lame deal algos.

Almost three years ago I brought with me many Poker Academy (PAO) “graduates”. PAO was an AI experiment by a company called BioTools in conjunction with a Canadian university. They had two teaching devices, a progressive level of play that players were virtually forced to follow and learn, and an Internationally famous artificial intelligent (AI) poker robot named Polaris. Professional and well known poker stars were invited to play Polaris and Polaris regularly defeated them. Eventually PAO introduced the players to one-on-one games with Polaris. Not one player walked away a winner.

The reason I know there are no robots here is because I have lobbied ownership to try to buy the rights to the Polaris software, now owned by Full Tilt Poker, and set up the same thing here. I have been lobbying for a few years now to no avail.

The reason management doesn’t want Polaris or any of his often moronic brethren is simple. While by far most of the players here do not buy chips, there are a number of players for different reasons who do buy chips. Being that Replay Poker is growing a great place here, it would be foolish to jeopardize this business that sees upward of 4,000 players a day and more, because it would be suicidal for the business.

Yes I have read the regular posts by mediocre players who think they are expert players and lost. Invariably they are too “experienced” and as a result their losses has to be because the place is rigged or they have bots playing.

There are no rigged games and no robots. We just have many really great players and we also know that variance can really make your head twist, in other words, bad luck prevails just as much as good luck. When you are a mediocre player you always remember being beat three times in a row with a straight, a flush, and full house, but never remember when you won with the exact same hand!

Google Polaris for some fun.


PS - Help me lobby management for “Boot Camp”.

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Using my willpower here to not comment :hushed: