BINGO players

I wish there was a table just for the BINGO players. All in every time.

Yes. not one, but ten! …and few bingo tour. We have at least ten thousand american bingo players, they need that.

Isn’t it called No-Limit Texas Hold’em… Already been through this topic. These players need to play in FL or PL rooms I would say. No-Limit means… you can go all in.

Cmon, you know what we mean … all in with 39 unsuit, 27, …

thats all in the game of poker. Watch poker stars on tv and you would be suprised what they go all in on. Like pumml said dont like it go to limit holdem

I think what some users missing is more realistic play. You know : AK KQ JJ strong hand call the blind and play hard, make big bets whatever came.

Well , becouse of playchips, most player call blind and like to see the flop , even with 59 off suited. and may they got lucky. Then some user go mad. OR wery same user preflop 59 off suited go all in. Thets bingo. :slight_smile: not poker.

Remember AA in hand give you only 12% to win, preflop!

You can fight agains bingo players,

Wait untill good hand,+ try see the flop,+ trap them, +auto reraise them sometime,

mix your stile of play! Thets will stop them, and if you patient inaf , you will win!

marcipan do not give away good sound secrets!

Negreaunu once explained that ‘maniacs’ are the one true threat to the skilled pro. So, what do you think they are to me? To me, they just make it no fun at all any more. EVERY table lately I have to go all in just to see a damn flop. Yeah, be patient and donate 100 blinds until you get a hand to call on…AA (?)…then find out your AA (just a pair) lost you all your dwindling chip stack. You call them bingo players…I call ya’ll loser corksackers.

Yah, are you a “Poker Star”? Didn’t think so. That’s maybe why they are pros…get sponsors to put up big dough, and go all in and be wild… maybe you hit a FH on the flop.