No all in before the flop

Sometimes I get annoyed with players throwing in all there chips before the flop, espiecally when they have plenty of chips to see a flop- i.e not short stacked. But hey thats an integral part of the game so I guess my annoyance is ill placed. Perhaps though it would be nice if there was a tourney or a room where you could only bet the pot before the flop and then after the flop hey go ahead- ship it… Flem

I have asked for a similar table before or tournament to be PL pre flop and NL post flop. This would deter the bingo and also create a larger pot size. Anyone can ship chips and pray they hit. A good poker player can play post flop and manipulate his/her tactics and position at the table their advantage. I like playing PL pre flop because of the 3-4 and even 5 bets builds the pot size. U see a flop and don’t like it, muck it. U feel u can connect and win play it. That’s what a good player can do. I understand it’s NL hold em but a change up especially at the lower tables or a few tournaments would be great!!!

You capsulized exactly how I feel about this! Shoving all yar chips in before the flop when you have alot of chips or making a ridculous size raise always irks me but hey, its no limt, and yet it really detracts from the skill element. Maybe they will consider making a Pl pre flop and Nl Post…

Bigphil is right, it’s been requested before at various times, eg:

I think it’s a great idea, and will be fairly easy for us to implement (compared to a completely new type of poker). So, we’ll try our best to get this added shortly.

yea buddy it would be nice not to have to deal with that and play some skilled poker. it dont happen often but it is so enjoyable to play at a table with skilled players instead of all the through in and pray players. And i know its not real money. But some of us use this as practice for when it is real money. most players on this site get pocket aces and it is all in. I dont know about you but that is not the play to make. oh and flemming rocks at this

I totally agree with the comments above. How some players can predict the outcome of a hand on 2 cards beats me!

i wish not to be contrary but i have never played in any tournament where a player did not have the ’ right ’ to go all in prior to the flop…i believe the game would lose its credibility …for example, when one has aces and is tired of getting whipped by 27 off, should the aces player be denied ?..also, free poker requires free thinking…if the game is to be changed to suit those who wish to bet only so much preflop then limit poker is the only logical answer…

I think RP go to the direction where all poker lover can find the right rooms-tours for they wish. All main poker wariety will stay on place, thets sure.

Beside, the users who want play “all in”- free rooms, they will rearrange to regular rooms when they got deep skill and knowledge of poker. Some still stay , just becouse they want relaxed game, less adrenalin, unlike you.

I think this tipe of game can be placed in the midle of FL -NL . :slight_smile:

And all happy, live forever.

whatever pleases the fine people here , pleases me…

This is funny … all fun :wink:

At a minimum, this should be implemented for the free rolls. Players literally have nothing to lose and they think nothing of dumping with nothing.

What surprises me is that the FL and PL rooms in all lobby’s are mostly empty. Maybe most of the players hate the Limit more than playing with all inners. But im not sure of that.

Sounds Very Good to me…I Hate Bingo Players

All in pre-flop is a tactic in no limit holdem that must be preserved. You and I may not like it, but understand part of playing and winning at this game is making people uncomfortable with their own cards or having a false sense of security with their cards. It is part of the game! You can taylor the game more to your liking and comfort zone, but the mania games are very popular.

Agreed nonotme, we’ll just add some PL pre-flop, NL post-flop to give players an option if they want an alternative to the lotyo pre-flop all-in style of playing that some players choose to play like, but I’m sure the NL tables will continue to be much more popular.

Agreed nonotme, we’ll just add some PL pre-flop, NL post-flop to give players an option if they want an alternative to the lotyo pre-flop all-in style of playing that some players choose to play like, but I’m sure the NL tables will continue to be much more popular.

I’m like Mink, I mostly go with the flow. If I’m on a table where it’s continually all in’s…lol…I just boogie on over to another table. I do enjoy the big bets, big pots also.

It is annoying but it is legal and there shouldn’t be a rule prohibiting it. The fact is, it’s the mark of a really poor player. If he has two really good pocket cards, say pocket aces, then goes all in, most of the other players fold. If he showed a little patience though, and just made small to moderate bets, he would win a lot more chips in the hand. In other words, he is wasting the potential of a really strong hand by making everyone fold. On the other hand, if he has really bad pocket cards and thinks what he is doing is “bluffing” then he is REALLY a bad player. Chances are that someone at the table will have a very good hand and will not fold and the all-in bluffer will very likely lose all his chips. Either way, a big bet pre-flop is really the mark of a poor player. There should not be a rule against it though. Let people play badly if they want to. If you really don’t like playing with someone who is doing that, just go to another table.

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Do whatever with the different rooms but freeroll tournys should not allow all in before the flop. Some platers go all in all the time until they lose(which the all do sooner or later}, but someone who has waited for a couple of hours to play, does’nt want TO GET KNOCKED OFF ON THE FIRST COUPLE OF HANDS. ATTER THE FLOP, ANYTHING GOES.

i have seen 2 or 4 players gang up and take turns all in before flop this ruins the game for the majority an d shows them to be slime