Unrequested Folding

any reason known why a game refreshes so often, I am back on within 10secs only for me to find out i’ve been folded? My IE8 is fine, only other program running is anti-virus.

Hi Kalric.

There was a lot of requests for quick tables. (fast tables 10 sec and regular tables 20 sec) You can see in this discussion…


But this is planned too,


Paul Gould (Official Rep) 1 month ago Well 10 seconds are on the fast tables, 20 seconds for the regular ones. One feature we’d like is a time bank feature, which you see on the real money sites. That way those times you really do need to think about your play, you’ve got an extra 30 secs or so.

Greetings Happiness.

Happi is right. Please play slow rooms for now. Im sure , you spend a litle time in slow rooms, and you will go to fast tables soon.