Extend time to respond by a few seconds


I 'd like to see less time allowed overall, but with a form a “time bank” where one could use more time on a single decision if they had acted quickly in the past.

Sorry to hear that FAMORIN.

On the fast tables you have 10 sec and on the regular tables 20 sec. for your action. A timebank is an option, but when you have 60 sec in it and a player let it run the 60 sec is very annoying for others too (my opinion) But it is an investigation worth i think. (with max sec in it)

You tried it with the slidebar to make your bet on fast tables FAMORIN? That takes less time?

Greetings Happiness.

How about able set bet from the round start?

As pre button option you mean?

I’m afraid you get problems with earlier bets and raises in that round, you only can make your final bet when the player before you made the action, than you still have 10 sec.

The “quick bet buttons” are planned also, that will make it easier and need less time for a bet also. Will ask how high it is on the to-do list.

I still like the time bank option. It needs to be carefully thought out. As goals, it needs to both speed the average time per turn and allow for more time as needed.

For starters, I’d suggest that if a player used zero time (used a preset), he’d get two time bank seconds. If a player used less than two seconds, he’d get one second of time bank time. Then change the allowed time per turn to 8 and 16 seconds instead of 10 and 20. Max out the time bank at 12 and 24 seconds. I think this would both speed things up and allow more time when needed. My biggest gripe is hearing the alarm, making my decision and entering it, and then due to lag time or latency either being auto-checked or auto-folded.

How about people who intentionally always letting the clock run down before they take action? One player I ran across even has “10 ways to use you clock time” in her profile. This isn’t a party site, it is a site to play poker. If a moderator wants, I know her poker name, I got reprimanded once for using someone’s name in a conversation here.

I don’t like this idea. Rewarding someone who is doing what he/she should be doing in the first place. Too many people slow the game down and just because someone acts quickly one hand, they get more time added to their clock? No way…

RP got slow and fast rooms. The fast rooms I think the fastes of all (10 sec) Also, you can play more then one room , this would solve the problem. You see, some people need longer time ATB

We’re planning on adding the quick bet buttons in the near future and I’d certainly like to discuss more the idea of a timebank.

Would a quick bet button include an always on all in button. How about one tournament a day designated for slower players . I think you would be surprised at the response you would get .

Absolutely agree! Would really help… I hope we can start soon on this.