Falling asleep

What exactly is the time limit on a “SUPPOSEDLY” fast table? Some folks seem to ejnoy waiting until the last second and then fold.

It’s about 10 seconds :slight_smile:

Wow, 10 seconds, does anybody play at a real table with cards that need to be manually shuffled and dealt? You can wait ten minutes for someone to decide. Now 10 seconds is over the top in the cyber world.

Well 10 seconds are on the fast tables, 20 seconds for the regular ones. One feature we’d like is a time bank feature, which you see on the real money sites. That way those times you really do need to think about your play, you’ve got an extra 30 secs or so.

Not everyone has 100mbit internet these days, the thing I had for a couple of year was a total crap (read “dial-up”). And sometimese there just wasnt other way the information did not reach so fast so there were many diffrences what happened on my screen and what happened on other players screen.

Thank you

One thing sure. NO OTHER SITE ONLINE got less then 10 sec wait time.

RP fast as hell! Period. Users ask for it last year, they got it .

I think this great ! BTW you can play 2-3-4-5-6-7 or more room…