Fold, Fold, Fold

Tired of playing with people who hand after hand do not fold their hand and then click right back in for the next hand. How about a 1 hand penalty when this happens. I thought there were moderators watching game play? Waste of everyone’s time and we play fewer hand per blind increase. I don’t mind at all if players want to play a little slow but that is just rude to not fold when you know you are going to fold. Just a thought

“moderators watching game play?”


Try play multi tables. Then you not get bored.

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You right it was not the main topic… But, I was not wish to comment on the other parts of the thread.

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:slight_smile: Somehow I feel your comment not apply to me…

Here is one more:

He play on the slow 20 sec rooms.

Please tell me what rooms I play at have anything to do with it? You think it’s OK too be rude on the tables I play? And since you know so much I have played on some of the faster rooms and have seen it there too. I’m done with this, sorry I even brought it up

I can imagine it can be frustrating. There will be players who do it to be annoying, but there can be many other reasons why a player is a bit slow and let the clock run untill the end also. The connection can be slow at the moment, more programs can be running on the computer what makes the speed slower, some players need more time for their turn, players can play and can be derived by people in their environment or they play at work and there can be many other reasons. Players are allowed to use the time they get for their turn (10 or 20 sec) Gladly there is no time bank, in that case you must wait 60 sec sometimes (really annoying can that be)

Dont be sorry, I just give you a simple options to solve the problem. Happiness give you the detailed reasons, what myself just dont wanted, becouse I thought you might want focus on solve this asap. Thets all.

That’s all I’m talking about is the few jerks who play like that to annoy the other players because they have nothing else to do. I agree of course there are many reasons for a player to be slow. I have some of my own so I don’t mind it a little slow. Again, sorry I brought it up!

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