"Slow" tables an option?

Hi, I like poker and I like this site so far, but can’t play the games because the short time limit that players are required to make their moves in. 5 seconds is not enough time to consider and evaluate if I would like to place a bet depending on the last player’s bet. It creates more of a guess-and-go, lucky-take-all kind of poker experience, rather than any kind of strategic betting and bluff calling. Perhaps slow tables could be introduced, where time limits were much longer.

Hi @Telesphoros,

Welcome to our Community Forums! We allow 20 seconds for you to take action if you’re playing on regular tables. I’m thinking you might be playing in turbo tables which give players 10 seconds to act.

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As mentioned above, there are only Regular and Fast tables. Just try a few tables without the “lightning bolt” in the middle of the three icons highlighted.



Turbo is exactly the problem for players wanting more time and don’t realize what table they are playing on. You hit the nail right on the head :+1:t2:

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