More time

Please give more time when you are playing the game to chat becoz when you chat and you are in the game they automatic fold when you not call or check becoz you are typing. Please give more time

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Then play on the slow tables, 20 seconds is more than enuff.


I agree !

you mean i have to go to 9 seat tables? i not hear fro slow tables. Sorry im new here. And i tought replay wanted more chat on table and now i get that comment.

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please forgive me if was not clear, I apologize if thats how you took it …
there is a “lightning” on the left of the lobbies, those are the fast tables, the ones without the “lightning” are the slow tables… Many people here have opinions on timers, I did not mean to make yours any less valid… in general, to me, 20 seconds is more than enuff… but I have offered a better solution…

Again LadyZeider,
I meant NO disrespect to you, I meant NO ill-will to you, and I was just trying to keep the response short, not that I was trying to be short with you.

Im Sorry


I would be all for cutting the fast timer in half, from 8 seconds down to 4, and doubling the slow timer from 20 up to 40 seconds. Then the fast players would not have anybody playing too slow for them, and the players who want to chat and play more casually would have time to do that. I am presuming that the fast players would not object to someone taking 4 seconds to make their play. The site could offer half of the tournaments with the slow timer and half with the fast.

A better solution is in “lets talk MTT timers” but it could be for all games not just MTT.
(Edit) plus alot play in wrong timer scheme cause they have to… when there’s 8 slow tables @ say 100/200, and no fast tables @ same stakes, and it takes way to long to get a table going… then players just like sheep, gravitate to the slow table cause they have to. This also works for fast tables too… and SnG/MTT offerings

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Well said and I also knew what you meant on that post but the player being New has no idea.

have 2 say i get the idea, but there is also a huge flip side to that. first of all, there will be a huge gap between the two, which wil give issues too. as for the 4 sec tables, it would probably just enough to click in the preferred action, and when betting/raising there isn’t even time to calculate the betsize. as for the slower ones, i do think 40 is better then 20 seconds. however the time bank idea that is mentioned by different people would solve this problem even better.
hope this helps.

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