Tick location makes me go all in sometimes

Hi, I think the place of the ticks are not very well located. Sometimes I want to check a hand, but when somebody bets, the check mark turns into call so I accidentally tick the call.

For example when you are on the big blind and you want to check (but not check and fold) it and someone goes all in and you hit the call accidentally and you are all in then. I think the check tick should be moved to the left.

Thank you,

P.S. I kind of missed the raise any checkbox, I know, it is not used often, but I sometimes can use it.

Thank you for the replies.

Yes, for now. As new HTML5 on the work, for now, RP dont work on the old one. Im sure they make it better next round.

Even if we need to hold off on features for the Flash tables, this is great feedback for the new iteration of Replay!

Raise Any had a bug that sometimes caused players to fold, which is why we’ve removed that for now.

Dear @fizzymint **Well, as suspected that before, did speak with all RP staff memers about it I think… **

Please make sure you notify all members like… here some link for you…

Great links, thanks @marcipan!

The Raise Any issue isn’t necessarily relevant to all of them – the auto-fold can also be a symptom of a temporary connection issue. But if Raise Any was used, it was likely due to that bug. I’ll make sure things like this that crop up are communicated well to everyone. :smile_cat:

I know how bummed I get when I intentionally fold what turns out to be a good hand, so can’t imagine how frustrating it is to have it done involuntarily!

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Thank you @fizzymint ! I think most of them like that. Was a hard catch bug, troubling me for couple years now…
I think if the previous person set up Raise Any , right before you. That make you fold… This is my experiance.
Auto Raise tick myself and fold auto for myself its never happened.

I bet is less this issue since then switch off and less in the future.

Keep up the good work!