True and Fair Rank Display

You must mean me. I only have a million chip ring game recorded and I don’t even play ring games. For some reason my hand history on any table gets deleted. Go figure.

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I can’t believe I haven’t seen this Great post my friend for 2 years. Love the suggestion and would show everyone’s True Ranking. I understand with other issues right now and with a small number of replay staff members it may be challenging, but hope the idea idea will be considered soon!! :smile:

Thank you for setting me straight, you are certainly one of the best players on Replay.


You are right, nice call, lol. It’s no big deal, guess I’m jealous, seems almost impossible to get to over a billion without playing in the ring.
One’s bankroll can go up or down in a MUCH bigger hurry playing in the ring over tourneys.
Hope to see you in a tourney sometime, I mostly play in 250k buy ins, sometimes 1/2 mil or mil as well. Occasionally I’ll play the one on Saturday at 2.5 mil, actually one of my favorites, have had pretty good results overall there.

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I would support adding Net Winnings as an addition Display & replacing STAKES LEVEL which is meaningless useless.

I disagree that we should change or manipulate Ranks to reflect buying chips, competitions & rewards or “skill” etc!

How’s it more fair? I have never bought chips and probably never will. I rarely participate in competitions etc. These are both great ways to get a decent amount of chips so am I being unfair to myself? To me as the saying goes: “all’s fair in love and war.” I dont care how a player got their chips unless its cheating!

Are MTT chips worth more than ring chips? Are SnG chips worth less than ring? Are competition chips worth more than non- competition chips? Do bought chips have a different value?

Net Winnings is a good idea, but trying to make Rank more 'true and fair" is an illusion on a FREE social media poker site IMO!

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From my perspective this doesn’t end any speculation although is a decent explanation for those that didnt know the system. It seems RP made changes to the system around the time of the new HTTP tables were introduced, or possibly some time afterwards - I can only speculate! lol

Check out Birba11 account. This player stopped playing about 5 years ago. It also says no ring games played, but also links hands played? lol Why was the account reactivated in the first place? BTW check out the listed hands displayed in the last 200 hands. It’s selective in what is saved from 5 years to 8 years ago, with many missing hands.

Why is players histories over 1 year deleted and removed?

Why does RP delete hands over 1 year old that are not saved? Hands after a saved hand are deleted and previous hands are not deleted?

I could give you many more questions and speculations!

My speculation is why does RP do the things it does? Does RP remove players inactive for over a year to make the Ranks more “True and fair” or to reduce stored data on the site? Maybe some other reason?

That would be a great way to show all of the ways a player has improved their bankroll with transparency just by including net chips won in stats, however I do not think it should replace Stakes Level. I hope everyone will continue to support this great free poker site, by joining premium membership or purchasing chips even if for others, to keep it alive for us all.

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I will personally vouch for BlackWidow playing High Stakes b/c I have sat at the same tables when they did play them. There should be No Speculation about their Game :slight_smile:

The other player that piped up about having 1 Billion must think we r all gullible and can’t do math, b/c None of it adds up after reviewing their Biggest pots and Best hands. The old saying “Would u like to buy a bridge in Brooklyn” comes into play here :slight_smile:


My rank is nobodys business but my own…why it’s displayed for all to see is a joke imo.

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You dont need to vouch for BW bc I have ZERO: “Speculation about their Game” and never question it in the first place! lol I thought I made it pretty clear I was speculating the “RP system” and not any specific player/s and/or Game/s? lol Apologies if there was any speculation that I was speculating any players “Game” on RP!

The OP was about the SYSTEM: True and Fair Rank. Fun subject - poker mirage IMO!

Let me make it clear regarding BW:

I’ve seen BW seemingly easily win over 1B each month for maybe two months straight whilst playing quite a lot of ELITE stakes - a small sample of ring winnings. I’m well aware that, if BW wanted to be in the top 10 and quite possible top 3 or even No#1 ranked player they could be with enough desire to waste time grinding ring a hell of a lot! True and Fair Rank? IMO u get what u want out of RP.

BW as many know is devoting energy and time to the Donks League and not playing ring to maintain a Top 10 or better rank as explained.

BW has already stated that a very small amount 1B-2B - comparatively to entire Bank - came from tournaments. This is a good explanation for players that have a limited understanding of how poker works & is something that most players that understand poker would consider logical & predictable. Players can win a hell of a lot more playing ring than tournaments.

Maybe but does it matter? RP would not last without the option for players to buy chips. If a player buys chips to: 1) support the site or 2) to gamble or 3) to boost ego or 4) any possible combinations what’s the problem? True and Fair Rank? I like the idea of Net winnings @RocketChips but not changing ranks.

A few players have told me I bought chips bc they have much less chips than me and/or they have won many bigger pots in the top 10 BIGGEST on profile. lol I have no way to prove I didn’t buy any chips, and I don’t care to accuse other players of buying chips. Its a bit of a joke on a FREE poker site IMO.

Poker is an eco system. Players that donate to the eco system should be thanked and encouraged for supporting RP as an eco system. If it makes them feel happy to donate to support the site or their ego or both again, money well spent IMO.

Hi @Litenin my friend! I appreciate you always have insight & love to inject into the site!

Do you ever look at: STAKE LEVEL or RPP LEVEL and find it in anyway useful or meaningful? If so explain it to me?

When was the last time you looked at these stats on your own profile? Could you explain them? Do you fin them in any way useful and meaningful?

Screenshot 2023-09-17 160645

Transparency is a good and bad thing IMO! Sure I want transparency but should a player that regularly buys chips be held transparent?

Net Winnings would be fairly transparent to reflect skill. I think it should be optional.

If it was up to me I wouldn’t even display rank. It’s like age, it’s only a stupid number…and it promotes problems and accusations in the forums and on the tables. Recreational poker is about having fun not putting players on tilt.


Thank You craig ,i couldn’t agree more!! All it does is prolong this topic and causes discontent many times at the tables.


For those who want to see True chip totals by chips won as a data point and existing rank it would show those who purchase chips, receive monthly endorsement chips, daily chips etc.

And for me personally, I do not because it could destroy the platform’s income by discouraging the folks that do contribute to the site and eventually we would pay to play the games.

@DogsOfWar , may I ask would you prefer the site to be a free poker site or pay a monthly fee?

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Getting net winning data shouldn’t be that hard. There is a Chrome add on/app the will calculate MTT net profit or loss and the site’s own history calculate net return or loss for each tournament. I think it also does the same for ring games already (Assuming the ring game data isn’t lost after a year, MTT history does go back to day one as far as I can tell.) We have the technology LOL.

But I do think most folks on this site are not overly concerned with rank. The only time I worried about it was to qualify for an invitation to the Donks league and the recruiter told me what my rank was lol

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Folks on any free online gaming site, including poker sites want to see how they are doing & that is determined by rank normally or they wouldn’t be there. They are looking sometimes daily to see if they have improved their game and indeed its all about having fun and with the forum, even better with the ability to communicate with fellow Replay members.

Let the players see it and not the whole site. Like numerous posts above have stated it is causing problems and accusations

I agree it should be left private if that is what the player wants. No reason for everyone else to see.
Would end this infernal discussion and bullying at the tables (verbal) and it happens everyday.

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I’m fine with the way the rankings are now, personally don’t recall any problems about it at the tables, I play almost entirely at higher end MTT’s, if that makes a difference.
Recently I’ve starting noting players rankings when they’re at my table, after awhile of seeing the same player sometimes it gives me a bit of an idea about the player.
Players whose ranking looks like a roller coaster ride tells me they either loose, perhaps play at the ring where your ranking can change in a big hurry, or perhaps they buy chips.
Players whose ranking remains fairly steady usually tells me they are pretty consistent, most of the time a fairly good player. Most 3 digit players are steady and pretty darn good. 2 digit players are certainly good players, doesn’t mean I can’t beat them.
Sometimes I might get an idea if they’ve been on a winning or losing streak.
I really don’t give two s…s about the rankings, just trying to use them as a tool.
Have a great day.