How does the ranking work?

Good day community, can someone explain to me how the rankings are calculated here at RP.
And what criteria play a role in it?

I believe it’s based on the number of chips you have recorded. I see you have a ranking of 6,117 at the moment which means there are 6,116 members with more chips than you.


What’s odd about this is it’s not based on skill. Every single time that chips go on sale for half price those of us who didn’t buy play chips watch our ranking go south. Would love to see a real rank or 2 sides. One earned and one bought

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How do you propose they measure skill?

Not sure if you’re asking me or not. I’d just like to see a ranking that doesn’t have chips that are bought


Yes, I was asking if you had any ideas on how they could rank by pure skill.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a ranking system based on skill either, but how?


I wish I knew. It took me forever to realize that I had to push start to turn a computer off :rofl:

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How about a “Most Players Busted Out” category to measure pure skill level?

See the Toplist section under MTT’s.

I think that would depend on volume of play as much as skill.

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True, then include a qualifier with something like the number of players busted per 100 tournaments or something similar.

Like they do with crime statistics. Actually, they should adjust that statistic number in the Toplist category.

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But it’s possible to bust 20 players and not win a tournament, and possible to win a tournament only busting one person. Most players busted seems like “most aggressive,” not most skilled.

All I’m saying is that determining skill isn’t that easy.

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Just responded without very much thinking or analysis, I should’ve stated that they should still keep the total number of busted out stat but also show it as a bust out per 100 tournaments for each player.

I think this would indicate just how effective the player is playing. It’s probably true the players are playing an “aggressive” style when needed but it also indicates a high skill level of being able to read your opponent’s actions. And, knowing when you have the better hand.

This is just an example, say the top player has 37,353 busts and it was 20 busts per 100 tournaments and the second placed player shows 33,504 busts but is averaging 40 busts per 100 tournaments.

Wouldn’t the player in second place on the list be considered more skilled?

Also, I don’t think this bust out statistics refers to the number of tournaments won because there is another category for that stat in the Toplist section.

And, I agree determining skill level is not easy. This is just a suggestion which can change with my next post on the subject.

Hands played to hands won.


They show something like this in the individual’s statistics which isn’t available to the general public. We’d have to take your word but, this is poker.

Not all tournaments are equal. Is someone who has 40 bustouts per 100 playing freerolls better than someone with 35 that’s playing 1 mill buyin tournies?


Exactly but let Replay figure it out.

Personally I don’t get the whole ranking thing.
Get rid of the number system and go to grouping if there needs to be a status showing.

Novice player

Something like that, that way there would be thousands of players in each group instead of exact numbers.

Just a thought.

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Hi Everyone!

Right now, ranking is based on your bankroll. We have a page about this topic, please check it out:


That will make very little difference unless you can afford to buy tens of millions of chips, which is pretty pointless.


smooth99, I know that.
I wanted to know what factors are used to determine the ranks.

Just chip count as of right now.

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