True and Fair Rank Display

Replay…It’s not one’s bank that should be displayed or determines rank.
It’s Net winnings…obviously. Changing that would be more fair to all
and show true rank.


Can you provide an example of “net winnings” does not equal one’s bank? Unless you mean excluding the daily free chips?

But, there are times when chips are awarded for something unrelated to poker table games.


Net winning is strictly the number of chips you’ve Won. Not free chips and Not purchased chips. Not Promo Tourney prize chips.Our Bank totals include all of that.
I’m referring to winnings only. It would be a separate number and would be a better measure of Rank.

Okay, thanks. I haven’t checked it out yet but from the very beginning?

Some on here have been members for a lack of the correct word, a bunch of years.

Yes, I see what you mean. But under Account Summary you can see All Transactions since your first game. So Replay does have everyone’s history and can figure net winnings from there. If they had a program to do that, it would be great!

Okay, another question.

Where is this Account Summary where I can see all transactions?

Is this the same as the Bank Transactions?

I did see the SEE ALL but, I stopped scrolling after four or five times because there were a lot of pages without indicating how many pages I still needed to scroll.

That is the Account Summary. Replay would need to separate net winnings from other additions to your bank.

Yes, good idea, let’s see …
And while we’re at it, we would also need an annual ranking, since there is already a monthly and weekly ranking :smirk:

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Sorry to add to the equation - but - what about the player who has won 10 small chip tourneys with 70+ ppl in - as compered to the guy who wins 1 big chip tourney with 40 ppl in - I know who I would give a better rank too - and its not the 1 tourney win person - chip totals are also deceiving

This is a great idea and I’ve discussed it a few times in the past.

For those who don’t quite follow, net winnings are calculated:

Your balance - (sum of daily bonuses + chips purchased, if any).

For instance, my balance is 1,201,008. My sum of daily bonuses is 853,000 (see footnote). My chips purchased: 65,000 (I bought 65,000 for 99 cents back in September).

Therefore net winnings = 1,201,008 - (853,000 + 65,000) = 283,008.
Alternatively 1,201,008 / (853,000 + 65,000) = 31%.

Footnote: Calculating sum of daily bonuses oneself may not be straightforward. It depends. Have you been logging every single day since the very beginning, for example? But this website, if it integrated the capacity to calculate net winnings and put the figure on everyone’s profile, should be able to calculate it immediately.

A further observation: very few people purchase chips. Although I’m in favour of the net winnings idea, it’s usually possible (and when I say usually I mean 99% of the time) to judge a player’s skill level by looking at (1) his/her length of time on the site, (2) his/her balance.

Good point. Don’t know the answer to this.

Hmm…okay, Jabr. You mentioned Skill level. That is what Rank should denote, but it can’t here because Rank = Bank, not skill level. Let’s just drop the word Rank from our profiles. It’s too ambiguous a term to use here, i feel.

I have never purchased any chips. I have though lost over 1 billion chips
to be able to do that I must have won a lot. :slight_smile:

Well, that definitely puts my recent run of bad luck into perspective! :grimacing:

I agree also what you win in free rolls even though its only 15000 consideration should be taken into account for any tickets won as well

I don’t know what the right answer is but I know this; there has to be a measure of success because that’s what drives us. The human race by nature is a competitive race wether it be financial, games, sports, etc. It just not the love of the game no matter what it is. Reward is a measure of success. You have to ask yourself as far as poker is concerned, how do professionals get ranked. Money ? Tournament wins ? Number of times they cashed ? It’s a hard call on an online free chip site.


There’s a reason why you see certain names pop up constantly at final tables just as you do in real - there is your answer

What does your post have to do with the topic of rankings ?

really? you win or be at final table sometimes - but to do it constantly - that shows the true rank (performance) of a player - chips are very deceiving as I mentioned before.

Lol :joy: you get to the final table by being the chip leader. Top 6….,

exactly -" getting to the final table "-still can get knocked out - 0 chips - but still at final table - those are the better players - the ones who keep getting to the final table - winning chips or not