do not believe that the chips from my winnings are appearing on my total, have experienced a win total taken off my total chips as a loss, am a bit insecure in my trust for the site as a whole

Hi gizzlewick

On your bank page (tab in your menu, click next to your profile pic in the header to open your menu) you can see all transactions, paid buy-in tournaments, winnings, bring in ring game tables and the amount you had when you left the table, even your daily bonus shows there.

And more info about ring games you see on your activity page (you can go there by tab in your menu). There the won or lost chips shows per ring game table.

If you have doubts about anything please send an email to and they will check it for you and send you the logs.

Greetings Happiness.

Thanks for the reply. Was on a winning streak and thought I was hotter than I actually was, only notice the wins and not how many tourneys actually played. Sorry for the bad rap.

Better ask, dont worry. I mark this thread “not a problem”