Earned or Bought

Wouldn’t it be nice to know who earned their chips vs. those that bought their chips? How about an asterisk or something next to chip count.

Hi RePete’

At the moment the ranking is based on the amount of chips a player have. Soon the whole ranking system will be changed. The ranking will be based on how good a player is. On skill, game and winnings.

ReplayPoker is a free site, you get free chips everyday, when you lose all chips you get new chips (with a limit ofc.). There are Freerolls, Friday Specials with ectra chips to win. You can play always and have fun.

ReplayPoker offers also the possibility to buy chips. And why should you not? If you are hungry you can order a pizza. If you want to play on the high stake tables or play the more expensive multi tournaments you can order chips if you dont have enough.

But it should not affect the ranking

That is why the ranking will be based on skill and how good you are:) Than it is not important (or interesting for others to see) if you buy or not, it is your ranking what counts, that shows your skill.

Just my thoughts:) Greetings Happiness.

I change this to question.

Happi give you the answer , what RP chosen to follow.

Thank you for all player who support the site.

Someone mentioned pizza !?!

I love with seafood and ricotta cheese :wink: