Show total chip count at tables

I would like to see my total chip count when sitting at a table in addition to the table chip count to get the whole picture.

When making decisions I many time ask questions like: ‘Would winning this hand put me back to the level where I started the day?’ To find out I have to go back to the browser and refresh the main page which is uncomfortable and wastes time.

Hi watcha:)

You mean you want to see your current bank amount and chips in play at the table? So you can see at the table how much you won or lose today?

Maybe in the table stats? Not sure if that is possible. Some players are playing at 2 or 3 tables or in ring games and in tourney’s at the same time.

I pass it to the staff, maybe they can do something more with the table stats.

Greetings Happiness.

Thx a lot. I think the main objective here (since the players are not rated by an ELO like system) is to increase your total amount of chips, This serves as a measure of performance. So it seems to be a good idea to keep an eye on your total chip count even when sitting at a table.

Also in the stats a chart of total chip count (and ranking) performance would be helpful.

Yours: watcha.

Thanks watcha for the suggestions. We were thinking along the same lines and we’re currently working on a chart of your total chip count over time. Having a running total of your bank roll in view at all times is also something we’re discussing. Stay tuned!