Solution to the steaks discrimination

i have a major solution on how to stop all this bingo and discrimination against the low medium and high steaks players this site should make it where all players should stay in their steak games instead of high steaks going to low steaks medium and low it dont matter but all high steaks players think there better than low and medium steaks. the tournaments it dont matter and whats the deal with people calling other people bingo players when they call a high bet its not bingo its a bet! you could win you could lose its up to the person what they want to bet right?

most moderators will agree with the high steaks because their serious players in their eyes even though serious players in low steaks can’t get to high steaks cause

all the high steaks players dont give them a real chance and most high steaks players go all in and make low steaks players go in and take all their chips i am not complaining just stating facts but when low steaks players bet all in their called bingo players!

if a low stake player is freinds with a high stake player they cant play at same table thats not fair. hardly no players play on medium and high stake tables so we have no choice but to find a low stake table play at.

replay should just delete stake status just have one poker lobby with different minimum and max chips bring to tbl that way players can play with freinds and find tables they are most comfortable playing at. some players are comfortable with the high blind tbls and some are comfortable with low blind tbls regardless of how many chips have

as far as low stake players complaining never reach medium or high stakes maybe need to play smarter and not go all in hand after hand after hand

lol thats the stupidest idea ever lol simple fact is there is always private messages. and they want to play together then they should go in the tournys. but i know how this is always going to end cause moderators always kiss the asses of the high steaks players…

the thing is if high steak players are all made to play at high steaks only then there would be more players at the high steaks to play besides noone in low steaks is friends with trav790300 ask anyone they will tell you i never seen anyone ever talk to trav at low steaks tables he just hangs there because he knows he is no good at high steaks i been in high steaks and in medium i always go by steaks if there were no steaks how could people be ranked? if by some chance players like trav has friends at low steaks tables they could always play at the tournys with each other.

replay should not limit what tables players allowed to play at. like i said post above some players like the higher blind tbls and some are not comfortable playing on those tables so play in lower blind tables regardless of chips they have.

just beacuse players dont talk on tables does not mean could be friends playing on tables and would be unfair to limit players to certain tables because of chip count. and keeping them from playing with freinds or might like to play against some players keeping them from doing that is just not right.

far as tournament play goes players might not have enough chips to play in that tourney or dont have time to play the full tourney only few hands.

you are just mad beacuse you keep going all in and losing your chips bingo play is no way build chips in bank

lol your not even worth the time to discuss anything with for one and for two i am not arguing with something like you! i dont know really what you are but your not human! waite you could have been inbreed i bet you were you know where your daddies your brother and your mothers your grandmother!

I play in low, medium and in high stake rooms. The bingo players on the low stake tables are not always high stake players.

When i play in the low stake rooms, often the bingo players are low stake players. They try to get medium in a short time. When that player wins and he (she) go to the medium stake rooms, he (she) plays the same game. The bingo game.

But to have a few protected tables in low, medium and in the high stake lobby is a very good idea. Not all tables, only a few in each lobby.

btw…we are working on that idea for a while already:)

there are no bingo players you people need to learn that maybe this sites moderaters and owner should watch real live poker on cable or on regular tv cause bingo is a totally different game than poker simply bingo is played with cards you have to mark with a dobber or clear chips, and poker its not bingo if you have good cards to make a higher bet in bingo you do not bet maybe some mods could actually visit a bingo hall and see there are no low medium and or high steaks table oh yea and the only time money is involved is if someone hollers bing after they fill there cards but what do i know i am just a low steaks player and mods always side with high steaks players,cause us unserious players "low steaks " dont know what we are talking about to you mods.

I’m from an era where we used to cover our cards with beans, which you are full of !!

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Very inappropriate.I will take action.

Very inappropriate. I will take action.

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what no comment mods?