How about the ability to block players?

I have been here for awhile. I love the site. How about the ability to “dislike” a player and if that person is sitting on a table you are joining a pop up lets you know so you have the option to leave the table. Everyone knows Bingo players, they, in my opinion, take away from the game. We should be able to “dislike” a player and not have to endure the bingo games.

I also think that when a player logs in to a table and sits out, when they are kicked they should lose their chips and those chips divided evenly among the players sitting at the table. Too many times I have seen players come in win a hand or two and then sit out until right before they are kicked then coming back for one had and out again. So I guess I’m asking shouldn;t a person only be allowed to sit out for like four hands then bang out!? three hands should be plenty of time for someone to use the restroom, stir the food on the stove, get a beer or whatever.

It sounds like, actually, what you’re after is a way to deal with bingo players that spoil the fun for those that want to play competitively. Get notified that a disliked player is at the table, doesn’t help the underlying problem. For that, we’ve got some ideas that we’ll be working on in the coming months. It should definitely help alleviate the issue of bingo style play, so stay tuned for further updates.

Sitting out players, do you mean ring games or tournament or both? It’s a big discussion so I won’t try going over it again here, but do a quick search in the forums and you’ll find a lot of commentary on it.

it is not always what the hand you have its how you play it. sick of people
whinging because they dont win with a ACE