New SnG

Replay needs to make a new SNG called “All In or Nothing” or “Donkey Bingo”.
The game automatically puts everyone All-In until only one remains.
Maybe then all the bingo players will go there and leave the rest of us to play a normal round of cards.

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what she said >>^ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is a brilliant idea, but will RP do it?

Nah, Don’t give em a new game to use. Put apenalty on them like “you don’t play for 1 week.”

a great idea.on other sites its called Russian roulette.the The santa 18 sit and go seems to be a hot bed of bingo players.

I don’t mind RP setting up such a thing, but I personally enjoy the Bingo players. I play the $1000 BB tables and am rated about 1000th. I suspect that people that don’t want bingo players have difficulty beating them. Truth is, a bingo player can clear many a bankroll if he builds a stack bigger than 5 buy ins. “Normal poker” in Holdem NL does NOT mean 9 players limp in! The way to beat a bingo player is to wait for a quality hand, let the bingo player go all in, and then call. This is the “correct strategy” and if everyone (except the bingo players) followed it, the bingo players wouldn’t last for long. As it is many times they goad other players into calling with less than a premium hand, and if they are successful, that is why. In the “good ol’ days” when you could effectively “stalk” another player on RP, I’d make a list of all high rolling chip buyers (bingo players) and look forward to winning all the chips they just bought!