Higher Stakes in Low Stakes Lobby

I play on Replay just about every day. best free poker site on the web, and I would very much like to see somewhat higher stakes in the low stakes lobby. perhaps 30/60? i know a medium stakes lobby exists but there no one playing them 99% of the time. perhaps add 30/60 or 50/100 to the low stakes lobby. Alot of players with High Stakes title still play 15/30 (which is what i am typically forced to play). Low stakes is more populated than medium. try it.

This post is a lively example of why the single lobby + user defined tables solution would work…

I agree. I would like to see a 50/100 NL Holdem table in the low stakes lobby.

ReplayPoker is planning to go with the one lobby format on the new replaypoker website.

The idea behind to make the diff stakes, keep the bingo players in low, and try keep the “serious” playmoney players on med or high.

That’s right, we’re moving to single lobby later this month.

ppl complaing about high stake players playing in low i play low mostly as i enjoy the company of most low players,another reason most high stake players play low is because u got these ppl on high stakes with all these millions and they make u pay over 100k to see the flop in most games so thats why many high stake players play low or medium because like me i wont play 100k and over everyhand 2 see the flop