? from paul!

They ask you a question about how can they make the site a better site so when I went to reply I couldn’t so here is my reply ! ! !

not to let all the bingo players win all the time. there should be a certain amount of chips before flop instead of all in hands. it is unfair to others players who is wanting to play for fun. Bingo players win all the time and it isnt right… I feel this game is very unfair. Watching leadership boards the same ppl win all the time. Give others the honest fun players a chance to win.

They don’t “let” bingo players win all time, its not up to them. I suggest you find a table where is no bingo player. What you suggest is actually unfair to all players, change poker game. “No limit” mean “NO LIMIT”. None can change that. Be patient , try fold more. Try avoid “no limit” games, the solution for you already in place, called “fixed limit”. Adopt against “bingo” players.


I had the same problem. They want feedback on how to make this site better and then they don’t let me answer. Well, I will answer here. Everybody with a little online gaming knowledge knows you don’t shuffle cards in poker, you shuffle winning seats. Sometimes, during the game. Own up and explain to the players how all these hands are canned hands. Cards are even dealt to the empty seats, players just don’t see them. Explaining that fact probably will not make this site better but, you conscience might get a reprieve. And yes, Paul, they LET bingo win. For a while. Then they shuffle the winning seat to somebody else. That is a fact and you can’t change the facts. So, explain it to all the players.

You’re absolutely right FE-K9…and did you know that this is the Matrix we are living in and a thousand years ago monkeys were the only people on earth. Keep in mind there are aliens walking amongst us as well. Have a nice day.

couldn’t answer myself. Here’s mine. Show the discards (facedown of course) after hole cards, flop and the turn, as done in real texas hold em. this may eliminate so many straights and flushes…

“Burn” cards? RP do that.(not in Royal, as all cards need there, cant burn any) Eliminate so many straights, flushes, and bad beat only possible if the players play less low suited cards and such.

Yes Shagaboo, we are living in a Matrix. Only here, the bottom feeders rule. Oh, and by the way, monkeys are NOT people. Now, that is a fact and you cannot change the facts.

and, BTW Marcipan, there are three outs in Royal if all player are seated. 2X6 = 12. Plus five community cards = 17. That means there are three outs. So, all cards are NOT there. Go figure!

I’m glad no one holds a gun to my head and makes me play.

Look at my profile FE-K9, I’m a monkey and I’m the best person I know.

Should be burn before deal too. Lots of rules exist, but, “Burning is most often performed in casinos to deter a form of cheating known as card marking.” It is utterly pointless on iternet. Dos not make any difference to randomness.

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One and instant solution would be the rake before flop. Then all in would pay , maybe more then what BB and SB income. :))

Maybe some room only.

Also like “private” rooms, or friend list rooms. Its a bit difficult tho. May planned by RP that one. Was discussed many times.

Pet peeve: Using “no limit” to excuse all form of bad behavior. I complained about ‘maniacs’ and was told to go to ‘the Duck Pond’. Same thing there. “million dollar bullies” as I call them can place preflop bets to wear down even the best of players. Have been finding this past few days ALL tables and EVERY hand. Not fun. Sure, you should wait until you have the nutz to beat them, but if they have been winning long enough, they are at a 1/2 table with hundreds of thousands of dollars, against my 500 dollar max buyin. Thinking of dumping my chips to my wife, and finding a different hobby.

Also, I feel good sportsmanship means you should play within the parameters of the game. At a 1/2 table, with less ranked players, I stick to 1 and 2 dollar bets. If I have the nuts…I go may 20 -50. Maybe just my wrong opinion. If I feel I need to be throwing out 100 bets…I go to a 100/200 table. Maybe need tables where folks ranked 200,000 can not be seated with players with 600M chips! Skill level stratification. No body with millions of chips allowed in the duck pond.

very good comments --wholeheartily agree

Private tables is something we’d like to add next year :slight_smile:

would be very interested