Please open higher table

We want some higher tables!!!

Hi nobad

Thanks for your suggestion.

Players can vote for this, with more votes we see if more players want to play higher stake tables.

Also i discuss this in the schedule team.

Greetings Happiness.

I’d maybe like a variation of medium blind tables. It’s so

slow at 15/30.Takes a long time to amount to anything. But the HIGH stakes games are too high for me. Anyway…thanks.

Hi BitingDogsx3

When you untick on top of the page “hide empty tables” you see all the tables. There is a great variety, in the hight of blinds, fast or regular speeed and tables with 6 or 9 seats. And when you have the required min bring-in on your bank in you can enter that room and take a seat.

Greetings Happiness.