New 1M-2M blinds table?

Hi guys, why don’t think to open new 1-2m tables?

There are a lot of guys over 1billion, so i think it’s useful to open this kind of table.

(also for Omaha table, i never understood why there isn’t Omaha high stakes)

What do you think?

come on :slight_smile:

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I would be interested myself personally in seeing a table at 1M/2M, even if it’s just one NL Holdem one, plus even some tournaments that are higher than 5M in buy-in.

Also curious myself as to why the Omaha Hi tables only go until 10/20K and Royal only goes until 5/10K. Surely there’s more demand at the elite stakes for more than just NL Holdem and Omaha Hi/Lo.

These Higher Stakes tables will be of no benefit to me or 99.5% of RP players. Still I agree that RP need to add higher or bigger tables.

I joined RP over 5 years ago and quit for more than a year. When I first joined the No# 1 Ranked player had about 6 billion chips. The top ranked player now has about 20B and the lowest ranked in the top 10 has over 6B. I think players have already asked for higher stake tables. Its only a matter of time 1M/2M stakes are needed.Currently I think a few High Roller players would join these stakes.

If not now when?. Its inevitable & I think its about time?

Hi El-Jogador and congrats on the rise up through the ranks towards the TopList.

We have had this request before and after discussion within the Poker Ops team, we still think there are not enough chips in play to make 1M / 2M blinds a sustainable game.
One of our commitments is to educate players wherever possible and Bankroll Management is key to keeping players alive, even the skilled ones.
Offering tables with a maximum buy in of up to 400M is way beyond sensible BRM of all but the very top of the TopList players. We observed that even though the 500K / 1M tables do run quite often, players usually take 125M and rarely do we see a full 200M buy in.

Of course we expect higher stakes will be necessary in due course, but for now we do feel it is too early.

Thanks for the suggestion though. We have taken the opportunity to start up some Omaha high tables in the near future.



Actually I totally agree after further consideration. As much as I would like to watch a bunch of great RP players splash their chips in ** huge** pots and win/lose a lot etc its overall not good for the game, site & competition. I expect only a few players in the top 10 would be willing to gamble that much.

Adding 1M-2M might put added pressure on some Top players to invest/gamble too much & encourages crazy & reckless BRM.

Yes it would be fun to watch, and yes a few players would be willing to play, but it totally encourages players to gamble way too much. RP is virtually powerless to stop the bad BRM & high gamble element that permeates RP already.

Overall RP needs to maintain a decent, sustainable competition for the elite players on RP. Adding 1M/2M tables would possibly result in great instability amongst the Top Elite players.

Overall its a bad move, and completely unnecessary ATM. The stakes are high enough.

@El-Jogador I will play you heads up with a mandatory 2b raise

1 year later and ther ehas not been an increase, i dont have the chips to play that stakes but would love to watch the games… Coudl it not be done as a trial and take it form there ? For me it was requested and if it does ot kill the ecoomy model maybe worth a trial

also @El-Jogador will be Number 1 before long - he has already won 1bil this month I think he very much knows how to mange hjs bankroll @DogsOfWar I am crazy and reckless but I have fun also

Anyhow good lucks to all

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