Why aren't there more high stakes tables or choices ,. between 15k/30 k and medium stakes

why aren’t there more high stakes tables or choices ,. between 15k/30 k and medium stakes

Hi abbygirl

There are more tables. I think you ticked “hide empty tables”.

I made a screenshot to make it clear…

  1. You can select Games (or one game type or all game types), same you can do with “limits” and “stake levels”

And you can tick or untick “hide empty tables” and “hide full tables”

  1. You can order the lobby on 1 column. Here you see i’ve ordered my lobby on “Stakes” .

  2. Down on the page. You can go the “blog” , for reading the latest news, go to page “Online Players”. and more…

Hope this helps… Greetings Happiness.

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I know how to do everything you said.but that does not solve the issue. I can find the games that are on but usually just 1 15/30k and 1 or 2 500/1k. plz read my question. why cant there be some more games with limits between thiose such as 200/400 or 5k/15 k etc etc/.so more ppl can play and higher limits but not so hi

they are restricting.

its says reply and I have but wont take doe to description and I see no place for it

I did once . system of getting proper answers in broken makes no sense.

Ah oke.

You mean you like to see more Fixed limit tables and Pot limit tables with higher stakes.

At the moment we offer just a few, they are not very popular. They are hardly used.

The Pot limit table with the blinds 500 /1000 is hardly used, you think when we have more different limit stake (and higher) tables player sit down more often?

I like to hear more opinions about this.

Hi abbygirl

ReplayPoker has a room manager now. Yesterday he wrote an topic. Best you can do is write your request on his topic. He uses all feedback about rooms, tourneys and promotions.


The problem is that players sit down to tables where already game started and players who start the table want players asap so they choose to start the “usual” popular tables. Started couple times rattlesnake table and got some players there, but never seen game there if i wasn’t gonna start it. I think better option would be to have users create tables theirselves (with limited options ofc) so tables would be more like players would want to.

Sep, can you post this here…


Just to add, we’re currently reviewing all the stake levels offered on ReplayPoker and will take your comments into consideration. Certainly we don’t have such high stake tables as some of the other play money sites.

Yes i know and i did as soon as i noticed that link you provided :slight_smile:

I wonder if we changed the name of the most popular table, that might help to break it’s monopoly, especially if we add more stake levels to choose from. Just a thought.