Is there a possibilty to open a new high stake table with about 10 mil buy-in and higher blinds?

Some players talked about a new high stake table this morning, and i think its a good idea because there are enough players with enough chips to play at a table with more chips to buy in.

Hi floschneider

That is a good idea and we will certainly add such table in a few months.

The site is growing and the number of players with a lot of chips too. But to play with a bring-in of 10M we need more players with a bankroll above the 100 million. At the moment there are 16 - 20 players with that amount on the bank.

If we add that table now, players who can not afford it sit down and lose their whole bankroll in 5 mins.

I hope we can add that table in a few months (or sooner if possible)