Official Missions Feedback Thread

suena que va ser entretenido y divertido, sigan implementando mas juegos asi
Translate: It sounds like it’s going to be entertaining and fun, keep implementing more games like this

Replay Poker ist die beste Seite aller Zeiten, meiner Meinung nach ist jede Initiative oder Neuheit willkommen.
Respektvolle Grüsse
Replay Poker is the best site ever, any initiative or novelty is welcome in my opinion.
Respectful regards

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I play Hold’em and have there the Missions, only there. Sometimes I play other games too, Omaha, Stud, Royal. Many hands and on higher stakes. Because this change then the stake of my Hold’em missions to a higher stake, a stake where I not play Hold’em. Why this? What has my Royal playing to do with my Hold’em missions?
If a player plays every day 100 hands Hold’em 5/10 and 150 hands Omaha 10/20 then his Hold’em missions are to play on 10/20, the most played stake, and he get not one chip in the year for missions. And I’m sure the needed hands on missions are calculated on played hands Hold’em + Omaha. Calculated on payed rake of last days. Very wrong this all.
No problem for me, I play the missions not, but a big problem for friends of me.
Please do it better, Replay.


You played for three hours “trying to get dealt AA twice”.

I think this calls for some real introspection.

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I’m just wondering if it is possible to turn missions off? I’m tired of jumping on every morning and see one of my missions is to make a flush and never getting close to making one. It is very frustrating, especially when I’m getting that mission just about every day.

Unfortunately you can’t turn off Missions, but at least they made it a little less “In your face” by making the missions icon smaller.

My mission today:

Hi @Poki65 ,

I was facing the same issue as you earlier.

It seems like it is being resolved now.

Hopefully, it is the same for you too.

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I have the missions now too, all ok. I hoped it helps to post the problem here, and maybe it helped.

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daily challenges need be scrapped and reworked.
be dealt 10 hands = 10 chips. 1 chip/hand
reach flop 12 times = 10 chips. less than a chip/flop
reach river 8 times = 10 chips. just a hair over 1 chip/river
win 15 hands = 10 chips. way less than a chip/win
be dealt 150 hands = 30 chips. 5 chips/30 hands dealt
challenges completed = 70 chips
a whopping 140 chips

I just combined challenge 1 and 5. dealt 160 hands = 40 chips. 4 chips/40 hands

just for once replay that something you implemented is a complete fail. either scrap it completely or remove it and redo it

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You got to give more chips on missions-like now, play 150 hands at holed em ring games lol. You get 25 chips for endorsements (20 a day is 500 chips) and goofy ppl. i do not know always giving me helping hand endorsement for 25 chips and that takes away from my poker pro average. JUST joking with you:)

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IMO we should be able to choose which stakes the missions will involve when we start playing each day, and have the missions reset after 24 hours from that time (and the player choose a new stake level every 24 hours as well).

Having the stakes that the missions are for be chosen by the site based on what stakes we played a bunch of times in the past often renders the missions worthless when you decide to play at lower stakes on a given day.

Then after a few days playing at lower stakes the missions step down to that level and when you go back to higher stakes the mission rewards are too small to care about.

It takes several days of playing for the stakes to reset to a different level, so eventually I just had to start ignoring them altogether.

In other news, I’ve started noticing a new glitch on my desktop computer recently. Not sure it’s worth it’s own thread yet, though, or that it’s not just something happening on my end (I see no comments mentioning it anywhere).

When I open and start playing a ring game then close the tab with the lobby the ring game window goes blank (all white) but I can still hear the sounds of the game being played. If I refresh the page it works fine again. It’s a minor bug but kind of annoying.

You send that in to

I’ve never heard of that issue. They would need to know that.

So ok I got dealt a Qh which unlocked a goal of some sort and I was awarded 50 chips…50 chips? I am playing the 500/1000 buy in ring game do you think 50 chips is a whole lot of good to me? make it relative to your buyin please…

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They are free chips, y complain lol:) Yesterday i played an extra 2 hours to get that third Q of hearts, did not care about a couple of chips, just wanted to complete the mission, i am hardheaded lol:).


I agree, the Missions were actually fun and somewhat rewarding to complete when they were introduced, but I got fed up with them eventually, tasks got harder and rewards dipped. Totally pointless doing them now.


I have been enjoying the Missions, as it an extra challenge to complete in the game. Sadly it is not available any longer on 2/4 stakes as it has been since inception, but now only available on low stakes, 5/10 games, beginning on 04/11, to my understanding. I have met a lot of new members of replay & great new friend’s in the low stakes 2/4 games.


For me, they are only available on 2/4 stakes minimum, as far as I remember when they were introduced, the description said something about the Stakes levels changing to suit your preferred playing stakes, when I started them it was higher, I think 5/10 or 10/20 but since dropped to 2/4, no idea why.

From what I understand they go hand in hand with your skill level at achieving them.


skill level ???