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This is our first go at such a broad system, and we’d love to hear what you think. Tell us what you love and what you don’t, but most importantly, tell us what we didn’t include that you’d love to see! We’re completely open to iteration, but we need your help to do it.

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As if it ( REPLAY) froze enough before NOW with all these VERY SILLY…NO real free chips AWARDS, I find that waiting to tell me (POP UP) I have used an ACE to win a hand is rather disturbing???
Can you PLEASE focus your software on more constructive
ideas…like tabs to REMOVE your never ending “POKER JOE WON THE 100 chip TOURNEY TO GO HOME WITH 58 CHIPS” PLEASE or update to that INFAMOUS HTML29 or perhaps
make your existing awards more meaningful? double the chips
Thanks AGAIN REPLAY for making me FROZZZEN

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Hey Mel,

How ya doing?

Nice hearing from you.

Peace Bro.


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Did you just answer to get the level 3 passive-aggressive award?



seriously, I came here to ask if these badges were real or some type of spam as my mailbox is full of them not to mention my message box here at rp. I concur with mel. We are not in grade school eagerly awaiting gold stars!

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To whom it may concern, PLEASE ! get rid of the ridiculous chip awards. I keep getting stopped and notified I played 3 hands in a row, won at showdown etc. OMG I am in the middle of the worst losing streak of my life and some chip pops up and says " atta boy you played 10 hands ! Stop it before I go nuts ! BRICK52


Kind of goofy. Maybe they drive some people though and whatever gets people more interested in the game I guess is a good thing. Would be nice if there was an “ignore” option we could have though so we wouldn’t have to deal with them if we didn’t want to.

I do partly agree with mel that there should also be an option to turn off announcements in the chat box during games. It can be annoying to have constant movement in that part of the screen so often. you also miss comments and responses from other players at the table if they come right before a string of announcements are made.

Still liking the site a lot, despite my seemingly never ending run of having A’s and K’s cracked by “pretty rags”. Just maybe the programmers could allow users the options to not see some of the stuff if they don’t want to? For slower computers/connections, the less stuff going on, the better their games will run so this isn’t just an aesthetic thing.

Unless I go below 500 bankroll I can’t top up at bank, and unless I do this, I can’t progress with achievements. Utter stupidity.

In order to do another achievement I had to play like an idiot in a ring game just to rebuy.

I think the whole award thing is total rubbish,we are adults playing poker not primary school kids.
Give us something that helps the game,still waiting to be able to show a great fold when last 2 playing or to be able to show one card when i win…making your opponent question whether i had the hand or bluffed it.COME ON REPLAY gees


Ths isn’t unique to replay it’s very hard to program showing one card because it takes it as a pair in the coding

WOW - if we could show 1 card, that would be so much fun! May slow the game up too much though so maybe not the most practical suggestion. I do love it though. One of the most fun parts of playing live games.

Of course I would also love it if we could add features to the ring games like a 7/2 bonus and things like that. Adding the 7/2 to a cash game is a ton of fun live and would probably translate well to online as well. Would much rather have things like this added to the site than goofy looking merit badges

It seems that some of these “awards” do not reflect what was already on my profile page. For example, it does not register that I already have more than 100K in the bank etc.

As a matter of clarification, how are RPP points calculated? The FAQ on this topic does not have the calculation available. For tournament points, the calculation is posted (though strangely developed IMO). Are RPPS weighted by buy-in in tournaments? Blind levels? Are 2/4 hands worth the same as 200/400 hands? Freeroll tournament hands worth the same as 15K buy-in hands? If you are going to roll something out, its always a good idea to give people a clear definition up front.

Thanks as always for the efforts you make to answer questions. I am not a fan of these things yet but maybe with some clarifications they can have a use?

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[quote=“1Warlock, post:12, topic:5030, full:true”]
It seems that some of these “awards” do not reflect what was already on my profile page. For example, it does not register that I already have more than 100K in the bank etc.[/quote]

Things may be taking a bit to populate, but I’ll let the team know to ensure achievements are triggering correctly.

Great question, and one we should definitely get clarified in our Help Center. RPPs are earned based on rake. One Replay Poker Point is the equivalent of two play chips in rake.

i beleive you can shut most of the notifcation off so thats not my problem but i wasnt havein any issue’s with freezeing up and now i do…so fix it or get rid of ot dont matter to me…

are you going to explain why you have something so stupid as the ATM challenge or not?

All it does is punish those playing disciplined good poker.

Several achievements are geared toward new and casual players, but we’re open to re-evaluating them based on feedback.

Looking into the performance-related issues you and @mel98 mentioned – thanks for the report!

Would I be correct in assuming “rake” here would also include tournament fees?

Yep! Though the RPPs are awarded when you bust out (or win!), not when you register.

don’t mean to be rude but it sounds quite odd to get rewarded by paying the rake instead of playing good poker. this way the fish get the same kind of rewards as the people who do their best to win. this way the level has nothing to do with who plays the best. and the thing about a level is to see how good someone is, would be odd to see someone of lv 93 be much better then someone of lv17 only because the one of 93 just plays more. hope u understand :wink:

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