Remove the "missions" bar on the table immediately

Does anyone actually want this eyesore on their table?

Missions are another pointless gimmick and distraction that I don’t expect anyone to take seriously. It’s almost like they’re letting a class of kindergartners design the user experience now.

They’ll do anything and everything except resolve the performance issues which have lingered for months.

Missions FAQ

The missions bar is big, can I make it smaller or move it?

  • You can’t customize the mission bar, but we will take all feedback into consideration when designing future iterations of missions.

“Take your feedback into consideration” is corporate speak for “too bad”

So in other words “Sorry we know it’s annoying but there’s nothing we’re going to do about it.”

Thanks Replay!


Well, if you hire a new UI/UX team, they are expected to earn their keep by making Replay just like Farmville.

Maybe they can have a cute little puppy run out and bark at the fold, call, or raise buttons to tell us the correct action!

I can’t wait to buy some loot boxes full of wild cards, the ability to see the next card before its dealt, and other great power ups!

Since the missions are ring game only, why do I have to see the empty meter on my tournament tables?


Replay just get rid of this please! lets just play poker!


I don’t think it’s that bad personally. Only noticed it today after logging in. Completed it fairly quickly. It’s not that intrusive really and gives me an idea of what to chase to complete the missions. Just my opinion.

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Totally. Its a joke. Fish and garbage hands winning on rivers is bad enough but this! Lol.


& why test it out on the higher ring games were the more serious players spend thier time??? please make it go away or just move it off the tables so its not a distraction & doesnt cover up the pot chip count so you notice it ALL THE TIME… not happy at all.

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Really players. If Replay didn’t do anything you would be complaining that over time it gets boring.
They try something to make it interesting and you complain. It’s a site to past the time and get away from every day problems and meet people from all over the world. Your not winning real money, your playing against armatures who are having fun and trying to learn the game. All some of you do is look for something to complain about. It’s only temporary, deal with it , Try giving Replay employees some credit and stop making everything personal. They are just trying to make it interesting for everyone. Go back to playing the game and enjoy it.


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I don’t find poker boring. Poker is poker, how much more interesting can it get. We are here to play poker not play with all the distractions and gimmicks.


This is not fair or true. I think Replay has been great, and I’ve been very satisfied playing poker. I haven’t complained about anything yet. But this Mission nonsense is an eyesore and a distraction.


Exactly! & I dont believe I have been personal, replay is a great site & I have been on here for years, I rarely post but on this occasion I have found the update very intrusive, I come here to play poker not to have the game distracted by non poker nonsense, I never find the game boring & dont need side entertainment… If it happens on another tab I dont really care i.e. like the badges & acheivements… but not on the tables please…


Where do you get off going on a rant about things you know nothing about?

Confine your comments to the topic. You accuse people of looking for things to complain about. Do you have the slightest shred of evidence to support anything you said?

No, how could you?

We have the right to give them feedback on any aspect of the site. We are the customers, right?

You do not have the right to attack people you don’t know, and assign motives you can only guess at, then present as if it’s fact.

Take your own advice and deal with it. Egad.


Your right. The only evidence I have is what I read on this page.
And yes you have the right to suggest changing things that you don’t appreciate on the site.
But saying things against the employees who are only trying to help and people you don’t know might go beyond suggestions.
Just a thought. Thank you for all of your responses


Today I played for the first time in 2 weeks. I don’t even know what this missions thing is supposed to be. It just displays nonsensical messages. What is 'reach the flop 25 times in hold ‘em ring games’ supposed to mean?


Give the players the ability to enable or disable, hide or unhide the bar. This may be a solution for those who want the bar or those who don’t. I don’t pretend to know anything about programming, but it seems that if a bar, such as this one, could have been created then it can be customized with the above options.


That sounds like a reasonable request as eventually it will move to MTTs and SNGs also

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yep as long as I cant see it while i’m playing a game & it doesnt keep flashing up with ‘achievements’ I dont care where it is…


It just needs a off & on button, that way everyone can be Happy !


If i open a table for playing, then i open DevTools too, make 2 changes there, and the missions are then away from table, not more to see. A checkbox for doing this would be much better. One of my missions today is to get 2x Pocket KK. To get this i must play 442 hands (6 - 8 hours at one table), statistic. For reaching this i get only 10 chips. A joke, i must not have this. In moment i play not so much hands.


We are playing poker not candy crush !