Official Missions Feedback Thread


With our Missions launch, we’d love to hear your feedback about this new feature! Please share any and all of your thoughts related to Missions right here.

Responses to this thread will be collected and shared to improve this feature in the coming weeks!

Please note: This thread is ONLY for suggestions and feedback about Missions. For any other feedback, please use an existing thread in this category, or create a new one. Unrelated entries will be removed.

If you encounter any bugs, please report them to for quicker action. Thank you!

Learn more about missions in our Help Center, and read frequently asked questions here.


Sounds like fun and a great way to reward players who play ring games !!


Just saw my first Mission list. Great idea…but it causes me to play longer…darn it!

Nice job!

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Not to be an old grump is this not going a bit Zynga poker??? also do we have to see it at the top of every table we play on? fair enough if other people are interested but surely it can just be left on your own achievements page which you can look at if you want to?.. all I want to see when I’m playing is the poker table\chips & players not a random mission bar which is very distracting…


is it only for players at 500/1000 tables?

those tables and higher stake tables

must say i’m not a fan,find it a bit distracting


I like the missions. (lot better than endorsements). don’t like the progress bar at table. to distracting.


whats even worse is the way it increases in size every time you ‘achieve anything’ & covers up the chip count… please get rid of this ‘improvement’ or just put it on the ‘acheivement tab’ so if people are interested they can look at it there rather than having it dipping in & out during the game… how long before we get cakes to hand out & bombs to throw at each other… lets keep it as a poker site plain & simple?


Horrible and poorly conceived. Exactly what I have come to expect from Replay over the last year.

Feedback? Why bother? It will be ignored


A suggestion I have is to make it easier to learn about them and how to cash them in. I have not played in acouple weeks. When I started playing I seen the misions thing and when one said I had the 10/10 and it was finished I clicked on it to try and get reward and nothing. When I clicked on the link at the bottom to learn more it kept taking me to a verify that i’m human thing , which i dont see what that question has to do with anything, and everytime I finished it the page just kept restarting anting me to do the same thing. So upon writing this i still dont really have any hard facts abut it.

The cubscout badges were bad enough. Then we got the phony baloney Endorsements. Now the prove-nothing Missions. Can’t I just be left in peace?

But thanks for asking.


Is there an opt out if not there should be…just sayin


should be a option out of anything that is implemented. like this for you and me the endorsements


Since missions are ring only, please remove the meter from my tournament tables.


probably be missions in future for tournaments and sit & go’s. right now just ring games.

Just another reason not to play ring games for me.


I think it’s a pretty neat idea. Gives us something extra to achieve if we aren’t constantly playing tournaments, which some folks don’t. I support it.

I only play hi/lo…so for the moment, doesn’t effect me at all.

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How do you see if you got any chips for completing a mission? Is there someplace else you have to go to claim them?