It's a game for fun. stop complaining

It is a stress relieving site for poker players.i myself, enjoy playing. plus i get plenty of practice for my real poker games. Also i would appreciate it if those who are responsible for replay. please try and pick up the game pace.It seems to slow down quite a bit, in the tourneys. sometimes people quit because it takes to long reset.

Hi getbusy

You are so right, the slowness between hands in large tourneys is very annoying. The tech-team is working on it for awhile now. It should be dissolved and it has the highest priority, Unfortunately the last update not worked, gave only more bugs. Really hope they can fix it soon.

Good to hear you enjoy playing on ReplayPoker, and hope you have still a little patience.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Greetings Happiness.

Nice one getbusy !

Yeah, we’re working on speeding it up, especially during peak hours. Some improvements went live today, more coming in the next couple of weeks.