Achievements - Feedback

Greetings poker fans!

We wanted to hear your thoughts on the achievements that we currently offer.

  • What do you like?
  • What do you not like?
  • What is missing?
  • What is available but should be removed or reworked?

Please let us know your thoughts so that we can shape the direction of the achievement system in the future.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing your reponses.



I like achievements but I wish their were chip prizes when you completed an achievement.

I would like to see some more challenging achievements. A lot of them are easy to get.



Oh Mark I do agree! We used to have little chip awards which appeared in our messages as a nice surprise! Only small amounts but it was great when the message popped up when you were on site! I honestly don’t ever think to look at the present achievements.


I concur with Marc and grapevine. I literally haven’t even looked at mine for at least 2 years, and maybe longer.


I would like to see different levels for the achievements.

For example, the “Poker Ace” one is for winning 10 MTTs. There could be one for 25 MTTs, one for 100 MTTs, one for 500 MTTs, and so on. Some of the other achievements could have similar advanced versions.

If the achievements increase player engagement, why make them a “one and done” thing? If they benefit the site, find a way to keep this benefit long term by adding different levels to some of the existing achievements.


I’ve completed them all, I think, and once you do that, there’s nothing left to do for them. Maybe track the number of times you accomplished each one.

But I would suggest more focus on the stats page instead of achievements.


I don’t like them and are meaningless. some are even dumb . example of dumb is play 1 hand achievement.


I feel the same way they don’t mean nothing to me…
For example they don’t list the tournaments that I have
won during these 6 years that I have been enjoying The replay poker site.
I am very grateful that the Replay poker site is here.
Thank you all STAFF for doing such a great job… :slight_smile:


enjoyed 1145pm omaha; why was it taken off?

I agree – for example, can the “rebuy” achievement really be considered an “achievement” at all? You just got felted, here’s your achievement badge for that! The only achievements that count are how many tournaments you have won (times finished in the money) and the number of chips in your bank.


I am also interested in having an expanded stats page. Out of curiosity, what kinds of additions would you like to see to this page? I keep tabs of my RFI percentages (this works for me because I almost never limp into hands) and bb/100. It’s mostly just for fun, but I use it to diagnose my play (weaknesses) over the long run. I would like to know what kind of statistics people would find useful for evaluation purposes.

all the friends ones are dumb. what does that have to do with poker?

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That’s community building, and Replay depends on community. So I understand why they have those achievements.

I’m glad someone asked.

I would love to see a “stats query builder” that would allow me to run queries against my entire hand history, showing my performance broken down by things such as type of game, time period, day of week, etc. I don’t want my Omaha stats mingled with my Hold-em stats; they’re entirely different games. And I would like to separate my Ring, SNG, and MTT stats, because I play them differently, too.

I would love to know my W/L % for showdowns. The current stats page shows the % of hands won by showdown vs. getting everyone to fold, but I would like to know how many showdowns I win vs. lose.

I would also like to know shove stats like:

When I shove, how often am I getting called?
When I shove and get a call, how often am I winning?
When I shove and win (due to fold or due to getting called) how many chips am I winning or losing?

I have a feeling that I lose far more chips by shoving than I ever win. I either steal the blinds or lose my stack. Once in a great while I’ll double up, but it’s maybe 10% of the time I get called. But I would love to see that corroborated by actual stats.

So maybe shoving isn’t such a great move, maybe I don’t do it with the right hands, or maybe I’m only doing it when I’m such a small stack that it’s a mandatory call for just about any hand. I also think I have an awful lot of bad luck.

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its not really building a community. they are already on the site. whether on your friends list or not. building a community is getting people to sign up.

I think it’s both. If you have friends, you are more likely to stay active on the site, and you are more likely to play together and play more often.


Hey all. To encourage a bit more feedback, we’re turning this thread into a contest! Anyone who chimes in with their opinions about achievements will be eligible to win 100,000 chips on Monday, August 31st.

As GoldenDonkey mentioned, we’re looking for thoughts on the following:

  • What do you like?
  • What do you not like?
  • What is missing?
  • What is available but should be removed or reworked?

If you’ve already commented on this thread, that will count as an entry. No need to reply again unless you have more thoughts. Feel free to talk things out with other players, but you’ll only be entered once, and we ask that you keep your feedback on-topic.

We’ll be drawing five winners at the end of the month. Thanks for sharing your opinions with us!

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I really like Replay Poker. It is a lot of fun. I have started out with 250 chips and now have over 500k in chips. I have met a lot of fun people here at Replay Poker. I really enjoy chatting with them. It is nice to meet people from all over the world.

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The achievement badges need an imaginative narrative to help explain what the symbol pr achievement name actually means or why it is significant. Use real or fantasy stories and facts and stats. Ex. Only 1 in 1,000,000 get four of a kind every week (I just made that up).

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Generally, the achievements are more for the newer players. They need to feel they are achieving something and the accomplishments help until they get their feet wet and are able to move up the food chain.

The “friends” accomplishments serve the same purpose. As the newer players gain friends they are more likely to return to visit them. This also makes them feel as if they are part of the community. A place where they can come to socialize as well as play the game. This helps greatly in that regard.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that, in it’s present state, the accomplishments have a purpose, just not one that appeals to the more advanced players. So, if you want to appeal to the more accomplished, you might want to offer more than a chip with a cute name. If it’s an advanced accomplishment, offer a reasonably substantial reward. Hard to get someone with millions of chips excited by offering a pat on the back and 1k chips.

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I like the idea of adding an achievement list if there were payouts for achievements and even a status emblem with highest achievement on the pic might also generate a little interest and possibly a little competition

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