Does replay staff read this forum?

Wondering since I don’t see any suggestions from this forum ever being implemented.

I have made several suggestions that have been implemented. I have seen other suggestions implemented too.

They have a long list of things to do, and get to them in order of priority.


You would be surprised how many suggestions are implemented. Take a look around !!!


I thought Craig and SPG were right, but I decided to go check for myself to prove it. I looked at the suggestions and Feedback sections for the month of March (I did this because I wanted to give Replay at least a month to add the suggestion)and I looked at all the suggestions that were reasonable suggestions that made sense and could be changed. Then I checked to see if Replay responded. The results were actually astonishing, Replay only made the change once out of 7 times in the month of March, the lone time being when SPG asked to change the back to replay poker on the forums on the phone. Here are the other six reasonable suggestions I found that were not changed in just that time period.

1.Show balance of chips in BB.
2.Synchronize all breaks on replay so that people who multi-table can get an actual break from playing.
3.Change the Good game window to something more creative.
4. Change the way the tables are presented on the phone, including issues seeing players names when there are 4-6 players, not reading or writing notes, and not seeing the rank of players.
5. There is a glitch in the tournament points leaderboards that allows players with bad results to do well.
6. Stop players from stealing table seats by sitting out for long periods of time in cash games by not standing or rebuying once they lose their chips.

I agree with all of these suggestions and I love Replay and I believe that the Replay team works hard to make this a great site and I love to play, but honestly @unskilld has a point, why aren’t suggestions implemented? I’m guessing the Replay team does read them, but decides to do something else instead and pretty much ignores them.(Remember these suggestions have been around for over a month).

I have no hard feelings for the Replay team, all my interactions with them have been positive, but this is a serious suggestion that I hope Replay would consider.

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It’s not as easy as you might think to make most of these changes.

Any change has to work on many browsers and browser versions, on different operating systems and versions of same, and across desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones of many types.

Changes have to then be tested on all these platforms.

As I understand it, their focus is on mobile right now. That’s a business
“must do,” so probably has top priority. They aren’t big like Zynga, so have limited dev resources.

If you look through the “News and Announcements” section, you will see dozens of changes that have been implemented.


I think the tone of my original message may off come of the wrong way. I really appreciate the work done to make this site. I signed up for VIP recently for no other reason than I wanted to support its development.

But I genuinely wonder if the suggestions made here are taken seriously. In addition to the items @WATCHOUT8 identified which seem to not have been implemented, there is a thread with 89 likes which suggests moving the location of the check and call check boxes to avoid accidentally calling bets when your intention is to check. I’ve done this myself accidentally a few times and I really wish they would fix it. This seems like it should be an easy thing to change and a win for the user experience.

Scrolling through that thread I don’t see any staff that weighed in on it, though at least one mod did. Even just a staff post responding to serious suggestions with their take on it (good or bad) would make me more inclined to share my feedback and ideas here.

May I direct you to the thread “ 2021 Poker Room Updates” As you can see Replay Poker is a work in progress. Rome was not built in a day as they say…


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Yeah, I saw that thread too. I think someone should at least say something, one way or the other.

But staff doesn’t work weekends, and the volunteers (mods and reps) aren’t able to speak for the staff. I’m not sure when that thread was started, but that might be why no response yet.

Staff does read this forum! @Pageaux is a member of staff – he reads through each forum thread on weekdays, and he did chime in on that suggestion you mentioned. He passes along a lot of valuable information to the rest of the team. I also pop in daily, but mostly focused on threads with a lot of traction. Or the video game thread. :sweat_smile:

I tend to click on hearts when I see an interesting suggestion to show that it’s acknowledged, but we generally avoid saying, “Oh yeah, we’ll definitely do that,” because we do have to stick to our roadmap. I gave an overview of that over here, and to address some of the examples that have come up, it includes a mobile app to make playing on your phones/tablets a better experience, tournament improvements (synchronized breaks is one feature we hope to complete by the end of the year), bug fixes, and quality of life improvements. Some of these are pretty meaty projects, particularly making any structural changes to our tournaments.

We probably won’t focus so much on things like making game windows more creative just yet, for instance, because we want to dig into things that players have been requesting for some time, while we were focused on the HTML5 conversion. We really did keep notes on all those throughout the years, and are working to get them done. Private tables and Stud are two suggestions we heard a LOT, for instance.

As far as that particular frustration about the call/check boxes, it’s absolutely on our list of quality of life improvements, and we hope to get that annoyance taken care of sooner rather than later.