What's coming up for Replay Poker?

Hey all!

Our release thread has been slow going, as most of our updates have been on the back-end, where you might not notice much change while you’re playing. Since we haven’t had much to share lately, I wanted to let you know what we’re focusing on throughout this year:

  • Infrastructure changes, which should mean a faster, smoother experience for you at the tables. :wrench:
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android! This is a major project for us. We plan to launch our first version with ring games only, and build up from there. :iphone:
  • Multiple tournament improvements, including dynamic payouts. :moneybag:
  • More achievements … with chip payouts! :clubs:
  • Endorsements, a community-centric feature involving recognition and rewards. :raising_hand_woman:
  • Bug squashing! We’re working to resolve pesky long-time issues. :bug: :hammer:
  • Quality of life improvements. :computer:

These are our big-picture items, so this list isn’t inclusive of everything we plan to release. We’re excited for what’s to come, and hope you’ll love what’s in store!