What's coming up for Replay Poker?

Hey all!

Our release thread has been slow going, as most of our updates have been on the back-end, where you might not notice much change while you’re playing. Since we haven’t had much to share lately, I wanted to let you know what we’re focusing on throughout this year:

  • Infrastructure changes, which should mean a faster, smoother experience for you at the tables. :wrench:
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android! This is a major project for us. We plan to launch our first version with ring games only, and build up from there. :iphone:
  • Multiple tournament improvements, including dynamic payouts. :moneybag:
  • More achievements … with chip payouts! :clubs:
  • Endorsements, a community-centric feature involving recognition and rewards. :raising_hand_woman:
  • Bug squashing! We’re working to resolve pesky long-time issues. :bug: :hammer:
  • Quality of life improvements. :computer:

These are our big-picture items, so this list isn’t inclusive of everything we plan to release. We’re excited for what’s to come, and hope you’ll love what’s in store!


We’ve made an update to the tables where the pre-selectable check boxes no longer overlap with the call button. This means that when you go to select the check/fold box and it becomes your turn, you’ll no longer click “call” by accident.


We’ve been making regular performance updates, but today I have some big news:

We believe we’ve found the problem that’s causing the rare “sixth card bug” that occurs when a player momentarily becomes out of sync with our server. This is when the prior hand’s cards get “stuck” on the board through one hand, and end up seeing the cards of the current hand dealt afterward.

We rolled out a fix today, and we’re optimistic about this solving the issue. If you still experience this bug, please send a screenshot to us at support@replaypoker.com so we can escalate it to our tech team. Thank you!


Because our RNG certificate was quite a few years old, we’ve gone ahead and had it re-verified to assure players that they’re being dealt a fair game here at Replay Poker. You can take a look at our updated certificate right here.