Replay's Response to Support = Zero

I sent a message a week ago to Replay expressing concern about a serious issue. I got an auto-reply, but that’s it. During the week I sent two follow-up emails and… still no reply. Reading between the lines, it shouldn’t take much to figure out the “suggestions & feedback” aspect of this post.

Whats the issue?
They usually fast, especially considering RP is a free site… They will respond. If you may (not say’in, you are) are offensive , they may not respond at all, usually they do anyway.
If we know the issue, may we can guess why its postponed? May need time to check?
Maybe I’m wrong, please tell me othervise.

It’s “none of the above”, and I’m not sure what good guessing will do. The issue I wrote to Replay about is something which Replay staff need to handle. I’ve only posted here as a last resort in the hopes that staff will see this and connect the dots.

Drop a PM to Happiness (moderator)
She will look in to. if that serious, may the answear delayed from RP becouse they investigate.

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My three support requests were handled with in 24 Hours each time

Thanks marcipan. Message sent.

eddie72, yeah, I’ve gotten fast turnaround in the past, but considering the specifics of this particular situation I think it’s deserving of waaaaaaay faster attention.

Anyway… good luck at the tables everyone.

Hi UncleFrank,

Not sure what went wrong.
I’ve taken action on this issue now, such a behavior is not acceptable, thanks for reporting!

Greetings Happiness.

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Thanks very much. And thanks again marcipan for helping to connect the dots.

Best Regards,


You very wellcome! Glad its sorted (or/and will sorted)

Hey UncleFrank,

It sounds like Happiness has you covered, but I wanted to apologize for the delay – we’re in the process of hiring some help for support because it’s been so busy lately! We do strive to answer within 24 hours as much as possible, M-F, but it sounds like we failed you here. =(

Gatzby, getting your reply is most appreciated! :slight_smile: