The 'Replay' Needs Improving

Hi everyone!

I’ve been getting pretty serious with poker, watching hours of content, looking at strategy guides and reading books etc. I can’t play with real money now, but Replay Poker is really fun for now. I’ve managed to get a ton of play chips and my game has come on a LOT since I started here a little over a year ago. From watching twitch and so on, I’ve been quite happy with my game, especially in MTTs. But I’ve had a bit of a problem with looking at my game due to the simplicity of the Replay system. Unlike most poker hand replays, on Replay poker, you cannot pause, choose the speed of the replay, or skip to the next action immediately, so if you want to look at one part of the Replay and check the odds, you have to reload the whole thing and quickly snatch a glance at the chip counts. It’s very inconvenient. I would like to see changes to this system so I can look through my hands more accurately. Is this something which will be changed when the site does its big change (whatever that involves, I’ve no real idea) or can Replay change it now. It would be very helpful for me and other players who want to work on their game.


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Yeah I always thought you should be able to pause , rewind , and fast foreword replays. They should really add this feature.

It has already been brought up (by me I think =P)

It’ll come but later since they are busy with other things now.